The Shadow of the Typhoon

The typhoon is very far away from us but, because of its influence, we are having north winds in Ishigaki ((+_+))

Thankfully, we can still depart from Kabira bay without any problems so off we went to Yonehara for 1 dive and 2 dives at manta point☆☆
Underwater everything was calm and gentle, we saw lots of different marine life and so much macro♪♪

One anemone had attracted a small squat shrimp, but the anemonefish that lived there was gone(/ω\) Until a new anemonefish moves in, the shrimps will take care of this anemone☆
A little yellow boxfish☆ It must be liking this place♪ Another one lived here last year, lots of places to hide(;^ω^)

We braved the rough seas and went to Manta Scramble\(^o^)/
But we had no luck today(-_-メ) It’s almost September, they have to start showing up soon( ゚Д゚)
At least our green sea turtle is faithful☆ It looks so comfy sleeping and wasn’t bothered by our divers at all♪♪

We did third dive at manta city, but the mantas weren’t there either(/ω\) It’s unfortunate, but we can’t do much about it. We’ll try tomorrow again!

While waiting for the mantas, I took this video of corals moving♪

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