Third and Last Day Diving!

Today we went to manta point for first dive!
Our guests were diving with us for the third day in a row, the previous days we’ve gone to Manta Scramble so today we decided test our luck at Manta City (≧▽≦)
We got there early and had to wait a bit for our turn, and then no manta ((+_+)) Very bad luck, I hope we can have better luck for next time!

For second dive we went to Arakawa♪♪
There, we chilled out with the lazy turtles napping as usual \(^o^)/
Some of them were scratching their backs vigorusly, I wonder if they’re itching?A lot of new corals are

A lot of new corals are growning at this dive site☆☆ This years water temperature is already getting high, but I hope those corals are a tough bunch!


We don’t have any guests tomorrow, but from next month the real high season for diving starts♪♪
Come see us in Ishigaki ~(^.^)/~~~


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