Three Fun Dives☆

We finally have calm seas again after the typhoon.
At Yonehara coral garden we swam over the corals and enjoyed watching all the bustling reef life(≧▽≦)

Today we only saw one manta passing by at Manta point, I wish it had stayed longer(/ω\) I didn’t even get a picture…

Two green sea turtles were sleeping at Yamabare☆ This point was hit hard by the typhoon, the turtles must have gone somewhere else for shelter. It looked like they were peacefully napping after a long week♪♪

We also found lots of shrimps and crabs today☆☆ A pair of orangutang crabs were hiding inside a coral♪ I wonder if they will stay there together since they found a partner(;^ω^)

Our resident squat shrimps were also there♪ I think there’s more and more of them… good(^ω^)
The whip coral shrimps are the ones I mostly miss after this typhoon. Before, I could find so many of them on one whip coral but now there isn’t a single one left((+_+))

Today’s divers will be coming tomorrow again, looking forward to taking them diving at new places!

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