Three Mantas☆

Today’s guest came here all the way from Brazil♪ We went for three dives at Yonehara, Manta City and Manta Scramble!

The visibility was great despite the strong south wind (≧▽≦) And the weather is hot! We had 28°C in Ishigaki today, luckily the ocean is still refreshingly cool♪♪♪

We saw Manta Rays today \(^o^)/ First one at Manta City, and then three at Manta Scramble☆ They circled round and round, went away, then came back again. It was a pleasure to watch!
There were also a lot of juvenile fishes♪ And a super cute fluffy crab!!

From tomorrow the wind will turn to north, but I don’t think it will get much colder♪ This year, I hope the water temperature won’t go up so much so the corals can keep healthy!

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