Turtle Attack

[ezcol_1half]It’s so hot in Ishigaki! Even with the gentle breeze, we were toasting in our wetsuits.

Today we went fun diving at Rock Lake, Manta Scramble, and Yamabare♪♪
Today, for the first time ever, I got attacked by a turtle! (;´・ω・)

The turtle was coming straight at us, just like in the picture. I thought it was very cute(≧▽≦) But suddenly, the turtle was trying to bite us, again and again! Turtle bites can really hurt, so I tried my best to fight it off (-_-;) It was also trying to bite our guest’s regulator hoses. Luckily, everybody got up safe♪♪

We found a lot of small marine animals today, such as nudibranch and brown banded pipefish. It was a fun diving day☆

However, no mantas today (/ω\) I hope will see them tomorrow!

We’ll continue Fun Diving and Snorkeling tomorrow♪



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