Weather forecast was all wrong♪

I thought it was going to be a rough day on the sea, instead we had a calm sunny day \(^o^)/
Maybe our Fun Diver brought some good luck with her this morning☆

Of course, the Cuttlefishes were busy with their love quarrels today again (≧▽≦) By the way, the one in the front of the picture is the female and the one in the back the male♪ There will be a lot of baby Cuttlefish this year(^O^)

We also saw lots of different Gobies♪ and, buried in the sand, Stonefish. They look funny when they have their big mouth open♪ And so many Nudibranches!

Hoping the winter winds will calm down soon so we can have more wonderful days like this (´-ω-`)


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