Last Day of Open Water Course☆

The hot sunny weather continued today too, but it looks like we’re getting some rain this weekend in Ishigaki island!

Today we had our 3rd and last day of the open water course(≧▽≦) Our fun divers from yesterday all joined for another day out on the ocean too☆☆

At Manta Scramble, we saw two Manta rays circling round and round(^O^) One of them passed very close to us to our divers’ delight♪♪

Our open water student saw mantas two days in a row on the course (;・∀・) So lucky♪♪
He looks completely under their spell♪♪ Of course, we also finished all our skill practice\(^o^)/

Usually, we don’t see Robust ghost pipefishes in the summertime but this one appeared in Yonehara today♪ It’s one of my favorite marine animals♡

A bright red Tomato anemonefish. There are so many different kinds of them in Ishigaki, it’s the perfect place for Anemonefish lovers(^O^)

Inside the same anemone we also found lots of anemone shrimps living together♪

Today we also found cute Nudibranchs(≧▽≦)

I also took two videos today(≧▽≦)  This one from Manta scramble♪

And this one is of a Green turtle☆ At full speed to its favorite spot☆

The ocean was just warm enough and we had a fun day on the ocean♪
Congratulations to our newly certfied diver(≧▽≦) He really got so skilled in these few days♪
I hope he will get to go diving in a lot of fun places ☆☆

Second Day of Open Water Course

It was very hot and the ocean glimmered in Ishigaki island today☆

Our open water student had his second day of training, practicing in the ocean(≧▽≦)
We also had a merry group of fun divers with us as we departed☆After finishing the skill training we had a swim underwater♪♪♪ Floating over the coral garden, taking pictures with Anemonefishes and saying “hi” to many other sea creatures\(^o^)/

For second dive we went to Manta scramble to see the manta rays☆ Even during the open water course it is possible to see them here in Kabira(^ω^)  Two of the mantas circled round and round the cleaning station♪♪ Our fun diver team saw three of them(;・∀・) One of the mantas swam very close to our divers and it was an impressing sight☆

In the afternoon, we went for more fun dives! This landscape site has such beautiful light♪

We found lots of small critters♡ A purple Nudibranch making its way over the sea floor☆ The white lines make it look cute as a cupcake(*^▽^*)

Tomorrow is the final day of the open water course! We will also welcome our certified diving team from today back on the boat for more fun dives(≧▽≦)

Let’s enjoy the ocean in Ishigaki☆

A gentle breeze was blowing over a calm ocean today in Ishigaki island.

Today we went out for fun dives and snorkeling in the morning♪ Then, in the afternoon we had discover scuba dives♪♪

Schools of Blue-green damsel fishes swam over the corals in Yonehara♬ So cute (≧▽≦)

A couple of flat worms were making a train (following eachother), or so I thought until they rolled into a ball and started mating♪ I wonder if the train behaiviour is some sort of courtship before mating(;^ω^)

The squat shrimps were wagging their tails as always♪

A big Banded boxer shrimp with beautiful colors♪ It’s a really eye-fetching shrimp(≧▽≦)

Today, we went to manta scramble again! We saw mantas there both in the morning and afternoon☆ It stuck around and circled round and round for a long time\(^o^)/

In the afternoon, our discover scuba divers could just sit and watch it during the whole dive(;・∀・)

From tomorrow we start an open water course☆ Soon, there will be one more certified diver(^O^)

Summer is here! Sometimes Turtles sleep like starfish☆

Today, highest temperature in Ishigaki was 33°C☆

We went out for fun dives at Yonehara and Manta point☆
The Blue-striped pipefish I found the other day were still in the same place, I hope we get to meet them many more times this summer\(^o^)/ and they are carrying eggs too! Baby pipefishes☆ I didn’t get a good shot of their tail today either(;´・ω・)

Below are lots of Anemonefish eggs♪♪ The male fans fresh water over the eggs and make sure they are comfortable, it looks like they will hatch soon (*^▽^*)

An Anemone crab was stretching out it’s… hand, foot? To catch dinner from the current(≧▽≦)

On top of some soft corals this Turtle was having a good nap☆☆ All spread out like a starfish(;^ω^) It lay like this in the same spot during the whole dive ^_^

For second dive we went to manta scramble, but we only saw one Manta passing in high speed far away into the blue, therefore, we went to Manta city for our third dive! We heard that others going to city didn’t have any better luck than us for second dive, but we gave it a try anyway and we got lucky\(^o^)/ One Manta came by and slowly circled round and round the cleaning stations so we got a good look at it☆☆

Tomorrow we’re off for fun dives and snorkeling in the morning☆ and in the afternoon discover scuba dives♪♪
I’m sure we’ll se many exciting things♪

Discover Scuba Dives in Ishigaki

The swell has gone down and we’re having a rainy season without much rain in Ishigaki☆

However, we didn’t see any Mantas today either(/ω\) I wonder where they are(;´・ω・) I wish for them to come back soon♪♪

Today’s discover scuba divers had experience from before and were very comfortable underwater☆ They could even float over our coral garden by themselves(≧▽≦)

We saw our popular Clown Anemonefishes and many other kinds of anemone fishes too as we dived today☆

Of course, we took lots of pictures underwater☆

The coral field of Yonehara\(^o^)/ Lots of sea goldies swam around in small schools♪

Tomorrow we have a boat full of fun divers, looking forward to a good day of diving(^O^)