From Sakieda to Kabira!

The wind has calmed down and, even though we just entered rainy season, Ishigaki island is warm and sunny☆

Today we departed from Sakieda for fun dives and drove over to Kabira bay(≧▽≦) On the first dive we got to meet a Green turtle, a good start on the day\(^o^)/

For second dive we went to Manta point but no mantas(/ω\) However, we didn’t give up and after lunch we gave it one more try☆ A Manta was circling round and round the cleaning station☆☆ I wish we could’ve gotten a bit closer to it but this Manta wasn’t interested in divers(;^ω^)

Of course, we also got to see many other marine animals♪♪ Like the very popular Clown anemonefishes♪ They do look very cute(^O^)

Two Stonefish were hiding inside a whole! They are really squeezing together(;・∀・)

A lot of Anemone partner shrimps had gathered in one place, they shook back and forth as they moved. Like in a dance♪♪

This Pipehorse has been staying in the same spot for a long time, and I usually pass by here so can’t help but look for it(;^ω^)

Tomorrow we’ll be off for discover scuba dives and fun dives in Kabira area☆

Lots of New Life Coming♪ Fun Dives☆

Clear and warm day in Ishigaki island today☆ But we’re supposed to be entering rainy season(;^ω^)

We went for fun dives in Osaki and Nagura(≧▽≦) In Osaki we met a Green sea turtle♪♪ It was just going up to the surface for breathing.

Today we saw many marine animals that were mating or carrying eggs☆ These two Brown banded pipe fishes were caught in the act on camera! Suddenly their colors changed to red and they started mating(*^▽^*)

A Cleaner shrimp was carrying a lot of tiny eggs, you can see their eyes through the shell so they’ll probably hatch soon(^O^)

A Banded pipefish was also carrying eggs♪ The female lay eggs on the male’s belly and from that moment he protects them fiercly☆☆

A baby Lionfish, I think their fins are the most beautiful at this age(^ω^)

A badly timed shot of this Leafy scorpionfish(´Д`) It has its mouth half open(;・∀・)

An expertly hidden flounder♪

We saw the Pipehorse today again☆ Soon the wind will calm down and we’ll move back to Kabira so we will not see it again(T_T)

This Pufferfish probably wanted to escape, but we kept going in the same direction instead♪ It has a cute way of swimming♪

Coral sea\(^o^)/A serene feeling to float over the reef☆

Tomorrow we’re going fun diving again♪ I wonder if we can move back to Kabira…

Fun Dives in Sakieda☆

Today was a bit cloudy in Ishigaki but at least the rain stayed away until the afternoon!

A north wind is blowing so we departed from Sakieda and went diving in Osaki and Nagura area(≧▽≦) Some swell was still lingering from yesterday’s south wind so visibility was a bit less than usual(;・∀・)

But we could still find many different kinds of animals underwater, feeling grateful☆☆
First out is a Green turtle♪♪ It gave us the evil eye after we disturbed its nap but didn’t make any sign of moving(;^ω^)

On the sandy bottom I could find the Pipehorses again, not far from where they sat last time♪ I can just keep watching them☆ They are so tiny(^O^)
A Flounder had also buried itself into the sand.

A jet black Nudibranch, it kind of reminds me of the black soots in Spirited Away ^_^

A big sea snake was also sitting on the sand☆ It has a scary stare(゚Д゚;)

We also saw many Garden eels, just a little bit away from them this Ribbon eel poked its head up♪

Even on the sandy bottom we can find so many different critters☆ On top of the reefs, the Blue-green damsel fishes dashed in and out of the corals(≧▽≦)

A tiny crab expertly camouflaged with the same color as the sea fan♪♪

Tomorrow it will be north wind again, but I’m looking forward to another day in Sakieda ☆

Thunder and Lightening☆

Rainy season has started in Ishigaki island!
We had a real heavy downpour today with thunder rumbling in the distance(;・∀・) But it looks like the weather will get a bit better from tomorrow again☆ I wonder if this rainy season will have less rain this year too.

It was actually quite dark underwater because of the clouds(;^ω^) We couldn’t hear the thunder, but we saw couple of flashes underwater. However, otherwise it was peaceful as usual (≧▽≦)
This Banded sea snake was having a nap not caring about the weather at all♪♪

A Honeycomb moray was poking its head up right next to the Anemone fishes. These fishes are quite protective but I don’t think they will attack a Moray (;・∀・)

The Fire gobies are very cute to at look at, but we have so many of them here so a lot of people just pass them by☆ Sometimes a school of them stay in the same hole, it must be quite big(^O^)

Unfortunately, no Manta rays today(/ω\) We will still have many days like this before real high season starts(;^ω^)
On top of a soft coral a big Crocodile fish was taking a rest♪♪ It looks so relaxed☆

Tomorrow we’ll depart from Sakieda again☆

Lots of Fun Diving☆

A south wind is blowing! It’s hot in Ishigaki!

Today’s divers were here on their honeymoon(≧▽≦) Happy times☆☆
For first dive we enjoyed the swim-throughs at Rock Lake♪♪ The south wind was pretty strong but at this point we can find shelter from it♪

At Manta point we finally got to see the Manta Rays again\(^o^)/ Unfortunately, they didn’t stay around(/ω\) They just passed by, and then came back one more time just to swim away again(;^ω^) But I’m super happy we got to see them☆☆

On the third dive we found a Green Turtle having an afternoon nap(*^▽^*)

Lots of small corals are growing up in Yamabare! Getting bigger and bigger! It makes me excited to see them grow up a little bit more every year☆

Tomorrow we’re off Fun diving again☆ However, the wind is changing((゚Д゚;) So we’ll have to move the boat again and enjoy the reefs around Sakieda instead♪