Peaceful Yonehara Dive♪Where are the Mantas?

It’s a bit cloudy, but still warm as summer in Ishigaki island☆
Today we went out for Fun- and Discover scuba dives(≧▽≦) Compared to yesterday, there were much less boats out on the sea but still fairly busy(;・∀・)

Today’s discover scuba diver was a bit scared at first, but as we continued the dive she forgot about that and had a good time(≧▽≦) She became quite skilled at the end☆

Of course, we went over the coral garden with all the small reef fishes swimming all around us♪♪ No matter how many times I go here I never tire(*^▽^*)

The Anemone fishes are always very popular, we have a lot of different kinds in Ishigaki and you can find them on almost all dive sites(;^ω^)

Unfortunately, we didn’t see any Manta Rays today either(/ω\) I hope they will soon come back to stay so we can see them more regularly again (;・∀・)

Family Scuba Divers♪♪

We had really summery weather in Ishigaki island today☆ It is the end of Golden Week☆ and there was a lot of dive boats everywhere(;^ω^)

Two very young divers on the boat today, mom and dad are already certified and wanted to show their kids the underwater world too\(^o^)/ The kids were very good divers, they really learn everything so quickly♪♪

Many small fishes swam above the reefs of Yonehara☆ It is so nice to just swim among them(^O^)

A big Common Anemonefish is getting more and more company in his Anemone, lot’s of small fry moving in(*^▽^*) Big Anemone fish often chase out the smaller ones, looking at the difference in size, there’s no question who would win.

Close to that Anemone we also found some Squat Shrimps☆ They are so funny to look at.

We also went out to Manta point, there was sooo many boats there(゚Д゚;) But no Manta Rays this time, I hope our divers will come back another time and get to see them\(^o^)/

Tomorrow we go out for Fun diving and Discover Scuba Diving again(≧▽≦)

Golden Week Fun Dives and Introduction Dives

Ishigaki island is once again sunny after yesterday’s storm. However, because of the high swell we couldn’t depart from Kabira(/ω\) So instead we had a good time diving in Osaki and Nagura☆

Our first time divers swam very well by themselves(≧▽≦) With this promising buoyancy I hope they’ll go for their licenses soon (^O^)

The corals of Nagura are always beautiful♪♪ The blue corals are also getting more and more\(^o^)/

We saw many different critters today again! We’ll be departing from Kabira tomorrow so sadly we have to say goodbye to those two (;^ω^) They are Pipehorses♪ Around 2cm big☆ One had its tail around a straw and looked just adorable(*^▽^*)

A Ribbon eel♪ It has finally returned to the spot where we usually find it… I wonder were it has been(;・∀・) Or it might be a new one(;^ω^)

We can also find Garden eels at many different dive sites, but they are quite shy so if many divers passes by… they will hide and then we can’t see them at all(゚Д゚;)

There are many colorful fishes on the reef, but this Clown Triggerfish really got a lot of patterns going on(≧▽≦)

In Osaki, a Green turtle was napping♪♪ It had squeezed itself in firmly between the rocks (;・∀・)

Tomorrow, we’ll depart from Kabira and dive around Yonehara☆ I hope we can go to Manta point too, if just the ocean will calm down.

Big Manta Rays and Lots of Small Critters on Today’s Fun Dives

It’s the calm before the storm, but today we had perfect diving weather in Ishigaki island☆

We departed for Fun Diving☆ and the Manta Rays came to greet us at Manta point today(≧▽≦) They swam really close to our excited divers♪♪

There are many places where we can find Squat shrimps, but today they really posed for the picture(^O^)
If they had just moved their tails a liiiitle bit further apart it would have looked like a heart, but that was too much to ask I guess (;・∀・)

A Peacock mantis shrimps was running in and out of its hole☆ If we come to close, it will probably get angry (;^ω^)

A Longfin snake-eel stuck its head up from the otherwise empty sandy bottom(^O^)

The light was shining down the tunnel the whole time and it was magical swimming through\(^o^)/

We found lots of small critters and Nudibranch today☆ This teeny tiny one I found at Manta point, however, everybody else was looking around for the Manta rays so they missed it(゚Д゚;)

This Nudibranch has a funny geometrical pattern☆

A flat worm with neon blue side lines☆

From now on we’ll also see many of this type of Nudibranch in a lot of places(^O^)