Advanced course start

Nice weather but a little bit windy in Ishigaki island today(^_^;)
Today we had fun dives in the morning and started an advanced open water diver course in the afternoon♪
Below, magical coral garden in Nagura bay(*^▽^*)

The visibility in Osaki was better than expected! Perfect for wall diving☆

Of course, we also did lots of practice on the advanced course*\(^o^)/*
Compass navigation dive, check!♪

A Lionfish in the shallows! It was hovering above the corals and came into perfect light( ´ ▽ ` )

A spotted garden eel poking its head up above the sand♪♪

A flounder was hiding in the sand, or at least it was hidden until it movedσ(^_^;)

A stonefish♪ Only the eyes and mouth sticking up from the sand♪

We saw a pair of robust ghost pipefish too, they are really hard to capture on photo.

An anemone shrimp☆

We also saw this very big Japanese mantis shrimp(*^▽^*) It had dug a big hole for itself and didn’t move at all as we approached.

Looking forward to diving again tomorrow♪

The wind is getting stronger- Again!

The wind has turned to strong north again over Ishigaki island. It said so on the forecast but I hope it wouldn’t get quite this windy(^_^;)
We went out with both beginners and certified divers today!

We saw so many green sea turtles in Osaki today again(≧∀≦)

The finger coral garden♪ It’s in the most shallow parts of the reef and despite the waves the visibility wasn’t too bad♪

A scorpionfish☆

The clown anemone fishe were popular as always☆

A little squat shrimp wagging its tail as it walked over the sand next too its anemone♡

We also found this anemone shrimp.

The wind is supposed to ease tomorrow, let’s hope that’s right! Looking forward to more dives.

New Open Water Divers

The calm before the storm in Ishigaki island(;・∀・)
Today was the last day of the open water course! Upon request, we went to see the green sea turtles again♪♪ One of them came very close!

We couldn’t only play of course( ・`д・´) Lots of skills left to complete the course☆ Compass navigation in action below\(^o^)/

Lots of fishes gathered around this litte anemone in the sand♪The resident anemonefishes were all very small, I hope they can keep together in this small place(;^ω^)

Some small squat shrimps were also residing by the little anemone♡ They shake their little tails when they walk and sadly some fishes were snapping at them(-_-メ)

A scorpionfish☆

Open water course finished(≧▽≦) I hope they will have lots of more fun dives☆

This evening, the storm will come! It will not last very long but the north wind continues to blow strong(;^ω^)

Family day on the ocean

The rain was pouring down this morning which made me worry, but the sun came out as we departed from the beach(≧▽≦)
Today, we had a family of six on the boat enjoying the sea☆ Two open water courses and two refresher courses♪and the young boys went snorkeling☆

Scuba team group photo~☆ We did lots of skill practice♪

A tomato anemonefish♪

Growing seaweed? A scorpionfish looking green♪

We met the green sea turtles on the second dive\(^o^)/ I think we had 100% success rate of seeing them lately!

Group photo with the turtle♪

Looking more and more confident underwater(≧▽≦) It’s fun watching everyones progress dive by dive☆

A storm is coming tomorrow evening (;・∀・) We’ll finish the course before the ocean gets rough!!

Great dives in Osaki area

Sunny day in Ishigaki island☀ However, I can hear the wind howling again as I write this in the evening(;´・ω・)
We went for 3 fun dives today♪ First to Nagura area, the visibility was better than yesterday! The cabbage coral garden was doing well☆

We also saw lots of Ishigaki blue coral(*^▽^*)

Ishigaki blue coral

Photo time with the green sea turtles♪ I failed to include the head of the turtle in this one(/ω\)

An anemone shrimp.

A little arrow cleaner shrimp, this one wasn’t busy cleaning fishes at all. It just sat there looking relaxed. We all need time to do that ♪

A frost nudibranch showing off its gills♡

We suddenly ended up with a day off tomorrow! Time to rest and prepare for the upcoming Open Water Course(´・ω・`)