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Clear sky over Ishigaki island today☆ We went for fun dives in Osaki area♪
Sooo many giant cuttlefishes!! (≧▽≦) Lots of courting and different dramas going on!

Below, a female laying eggs inside the coral♪♪ Once they find a place they like, they will lay many eggs around the same area☆

Close by another male was changing colors and trying to look threatening♪

We also found this big turtle sleeping♡

A flatworm hanging between the rocks… looking very strange(;´・ω・)

Tiny nudibranch moving over the sand♪♪

I feel like I’ve seen the same frost nudibranch around this area several times, maybe I’m imagining it(;・∀・)

A long pipefish☆

We’ll continue the fun dives tomorrow with our guest from today♪♪ Looking forward to some deep dives☆