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A bit of everything on Ishigaki’s sky today, clouds, sun and a few rain drops fell down☆ We went for discover scuba dives(≧∀≦)
One just took their license and the other two were first time divers! All of them got very good buoyancy♪ Of course, we took loads of photos♪

A sleepy green sea turtle(^○^) It looked very comfortable on the rocks(^_^;)

We also met this little fellow that decided to swim with us for a while☆

Anemone fishes♪ They can be surprisingly aggressive…Σ(‘◉⌓◉’) A little fish with sharp little teeth.

Happy divers! (≧∀≦) I hope we get to see you again!

The wind forecast for tomorrow is still a bit uncertain… will it calm down or not?