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A south wind is blowing! It’s only January but Ishigaki island is really warm and the sea calm(≧▽≦) Today, we departed from Kabira bay and went diving at Manta point♪♪ Can you see the far away manta ray in this picture? It was a really small manta in a hurry(;・∀・)

The corals are growing up healthily at Manta scramble(*^▽^*)

Besides the small manta ray, we also met this sleepyhead (;^ω^) We quite often see green sea turtles at the manta points☆

The above picture is from manta scramble and the below one from manta city(≧▽≦)

There were also many tomato anemonefishes♪♪

Below, a pink anemonefish☆

Another day with south wind tomorrow♪ Looking forward to depart from Kabira bay again!