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boatViking Scuba Kabira is a small diving shop in Ishigaki island, Kabira village. Ishigaki is a tropical island in the very south of Japan and it’s one of the most famous diving spots in the country! With warm climate, blue ocean, and lush green forests, Ishigaki is a popular tourist destination for both adventurers and beach lovers.

Viking Scuba Kabira is run by Japanese/Swedish couple Toyo and Anna who met in Thailand in 2009. Both of us speak English and will do our best to make your stay in Ishigaki a memorable one.


toyo Masashi Toyoshima (TOYO)
PADI Instructor #495645
I started my diving life in Thailand nine years ago. I’ve worked as an instructor in Thailand (Kho PhiPhi), Indonesia (Gili island), Australia (Exmouth) and, of course, in Ishigaki island. I fell in love with Ishigaki and decided to make my own diving shop here with my Swedish wife. My diving style is slow, relaxed and I’m always searching for new macro, such as Nudibranches, Shrimps, and Gobies. I also love taking underwater photos, but I’m still practicing to get better! Come and join us for fun!
IMG_8715 Anna Toyoshima
PADI Divemaster #259186
I went to travel around the world but got hooked on diving instead! I’ve been working in Thailand (Kho PhiPhi), Australia (Exmouth) and, of course, in Ishigaki island. I’m a Swede who’s fallen in love with the tropical climate and slow island lifestyle. I like taking underwater photos and will get super-excited when discovering a cute nudibranch. Also, in charge of our email, looking forward to hearing from you ^_^ Let’s go on diving adventures together!

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