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Frequently Asked Questions

Before your dives

What do I need to bring?
Your face mask, and a towel if you want to use our showers after diving. Also, don’t forget to put on your swimwear under your clothes in the morning.

I haven’t dived in a long time…
No problem! Join our refresher course, it’s done as part of your dives on the same day for only +JPY 3,000.

Do you have my size?
Probably! We have boots/fins in sizes up to JP32 (EUR49/US14-15).
We also have wetsuits/BCD’s in most sizes. However, if your BMI is higher than 35 please contact us in advance to make sure. We order gear from a retailer in Japan and they unfortunately don’t stock all plus sizes.

I’m certified but my partner is not, can we still dive together?
Yes you can. Many of our dive sites are suitable for beginners, including Kabira manta point. You can see our latest discover scuba dives here:

Do I get a discount if I book multiple days?
Yes, rental gear is 40% off from your second day.

Do you offer pick-up service?
Yes, we have pick-up service for Ishigaki city, Fusaki and Kabira area. If you stay outside these areas we kindly ask you to arrange your own transport.

Is there car parking at the shop?
Yes, we got free parking space.

How soon do I need to make a reservation?
You need to make a reservation at least one day in advance within office hours (8:00-18:00).
Be aware that space on the boat is limited so we cannot always accept last-minute requests. Most people book a week or more in advance.

Seasons and dive sites

What’s the season for manta rays?
We start going out to manta point every day (unless typhoon or north wind/swell) from around May until around October. If the sea conditions are good, we sometimes go out in other months too.

Is it possible to dive in Ishigaki all year round?
Yes, the winter months are colder but diving is still good. We go diving in different areas in winter- and summertime so if you visited us before you get to see something new!
Summer dive areas: Manta point, Yonehara, Yamabare, Arakawa
Winter dive areas: Osaki, Nagura

What’s the weather/water temperature in Ishigaki?
You can find a guide to Ishigaki’s climate here:

Can I see whale sharks or hammerhead sharks?
No. For hammerhead sharks, you can take a 30min flight to Yonaguni island where it’s possible to see them in the winter months. There is also a speed ferry taking about four hours one way but it often gets canceled because of rough sea conditions. There is no good place to see wild whale sharks in Japan.


Are photos included?
For Introduction dives, photos are always included in the price.
For certified divers, it depends on if we have enough cameras available. If your guide brings a camera we will send you the photos. If photos are important to you, we recommend bringing your own camera or renting a camera from us.

How can I get the photos?
We will send you a link at the end of the day so that you can download the photos later. The link is valid for one month.

Can I share the photos you took with family and friends?
Of course! Feel free to share them on your social media. Tag us @vikingscubakabira or use #vikingscubakabira for extra likes ^___^