Blank sea, great day to go diving

Mornings and evenings are still cold in Ishigaki but it quickly gets warm when the sun is up (≧∀≦) Flat sea today again♪

Yonehara coral garden☆ There is nothing that soothe the heart quite like an ocean stroll・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+

A short drive away the corals looks very different♪

A green sea turtle with a big tail (*^▽^*)

This nudibranch moves a lot quicker than you would expectσ(^_^;) In a blink it moves away, but luckily it moves a lot which makes it easy to spot.

North winds again tomorrow・・・( ̄◇ ̄;) I hope it won’t get too cold

Shockingly fun first dives in Ishigaki

Last chance to dive in Kabira today, from tomorrow there will be north wind and high swell around Ishigaki island(;´・ω・)
The swell was already coming in as we departed this morning, but not high enough to stop us! (≧▽≦) We went out with both certified and beginner divers onboard☆

Floating over the coral sea on his first dive♪♪ A bit nervous and very excited♪today’s discover diver swam very well☆

Blue-green damsel fish♪

And on top of a bonnie, countless schools of sea goldies\(^o^)/

No manta at manta point today ((+_+)) Seems like we had bad timing (;´・ω・) But the landscape with all the corals is very beautiful(*´▽`*)

A green sea turtle looking for the perfect spot to take his next nap☆

Tomorrow we’re departing from Sakieda beach, it’s gonna be fun to dive in Osaki area again♪

Awesome dives in Kabira area

A little bit swell coming in today but the wind is calm and the sky blue in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) We went for three fun dives and sampled the best of Ishigaki, coral reefs, landscape diving and manta point♪We saw several manta rays today! Some where circling the cleaning stations and some passed us by\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/

Our diver got to see the manta rays for the second day in a row(/・ω・)/

We quite often see turtles in Arakawa and Yamabare area, but we don’t see the hawksbill turtles very often☆ Today we met two of them(*^▽^*) The small one avoided us but the bigger turtle was too busy enjoying its lunch snack(;・∀・)

The swim throughs had good visibility today♪♪

I took a video of an electric clam♪

Corals in Yonehara! We floated over them. Mesmerized (*´▽`*) So many schools of sea goldies and blue-green damselfishes♪

We also found lots of other marine animals☆ Like this school of razor fishes!

A brown banded pipefish♪This one is still very red in color so it must be a younger individual☆

A squat shrimp♡ You can see lots of his friends in the background♪This shrimp looks very funny when moving(´・ω・`)

A nudibranch☆

The weather forecast says north winds coming this weekend… Every day I look at the forecast I hope that it will change m(__)m It’s not too late yet!

Lots of sea turtles

Great weather in Ishigaki island (≧▽≦) Just wish the wind would chill out a bit(;^ω^)
Today we went out with both certified and beginner divers on the boat☆ We looked for the manta rays but…(/ω\) no luck. This is starting me worried(´・ω・`) The corals were still amazing and we saw lots of green sea turtles♪

A sleeping sea turtle at manta point\(^o^)/ Of course we had to take a photo with it♪

Two fabolous divers, one certified and one beginner♪♪

We swam over the coral garden together☆ This dive site is truly something special(*^▽^*)

Blue-green damselfishes and their friends were also enjoying themselves on the reef♬

A typhoon has formed in the south, I wonder if it will hit Ishigaki island (;・∀・)

Finally a manta ray

A gentle north wind and glittering ocean✨ in the afternoon, south wind and roaring thunder🦁 strange weather in ishigaki island today(;^ω^)
Today we went for three dives♪ First time diving, big excitement(≧▽≦)

We finally saw a manta ray~~\(^o^)/・・・ We’ll at least our certified divers team on the deeper side(;^ω^) I hope they will appear much more often like usually from now on(`・ω・´)

Lots of schools of sea goldies today again! No other fish are quite this sparkly red and fluttery(*^▽^*)

Lots of different reef fishes above this bommie too☆

Smooth swimming for our first time diver (/・ω・)/

Suddenly, Obon has finished?! Ishigaki island is very quiet again in the middle of the summer…