Awesome dives in Kabira area

A little bit swell coming in today but the wind is calm and the sky blue in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) We went for three fun dives and sampled the best of Ishigaki, coral reefs, landscape diving and manta point♪We saw several manta rays today! Some where circling the cleaning stations and some passed us by\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/

Our diver got to see the manta rays for the second day in a row(/・ω・)/

We quite often see turtles in Arakawa and Yamabare area, but we don’t see the hawksbill turtles very often☆ Today we met two of them(*^▽^*) The small one avoided us but the bigger turtle was too busy enjoying its lunch snack(;・∀・)

The swim throughs had good visibility today♪♪

I took a video of an electric clam♪

Corals in Yonehara! We floated over them. Mesmerized (*´▽`*) So many schools of sea goldies and blue-green damselfishes♪

We also found lots of other marine animals☆ Like this school of razor fishes!

A brown banded pipefish♪This one is still very red in color so it must be a younger individual☆

A squat shrimp♡ You can see lots of his friends in the background♪This shrimp looks very funny when moving(´・ω・`)

A nudibranch☆

The weather forecast says north winds coming this weekend… Every day I look at the forecast I hope that it will change m(__)m It’s not too late yet!

Diving in Arakawa, it’s been a while!

Calm ocean and great diving conditions in Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) I enjoyed driving the boat on the flat sea and the visibility was great♪ We haven’t been diving at Arakawa for a while because it’s been too muddy but the latest typhoon washed the mud away\(^o^)/

School of blue-striped snappers!

A bubble coral shrimp♪ Last time I went here, there was only one living in this coral but this time I found a pair(*^▽^*)

A glittering frost nudibranch (☆▽☆)

I’ve seen turtles in many places, but I’ve never seen them sleeping so deeply and comfy as around here (;^ω^)

Most of the corals are still doing well despite the high water temperature☆

I hope the south wind will keep blowing for another month or two(´・ω・`)

A good day for diving

No rain and less wind in Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) Fun dives♡ Swimming around and over the coral gardens♪

Corals fighting for space(;・∀・)

This passage is very shallow but the landscape is spectacular☆

Inside a shallow swim-through♪

Lots of small fishes glittering in the light(*^▽^*)

A leafy scorpionfish.

Anemone partner shrimp♪

No manta today(-_-メ) but we did see a white tip reef shark(^O^)

Tomorrow we’re off for fun dives again!

So many fish hiding in the swim-throughs

The rainy then sunny weather from yesterday continues in Ishigaki island. Luckily, the sunny periods are much longer than the rainy (≧▽≦) Today we went to a landscape point and to Yonehara♪ So many fishes were glittering in the swim-throughs as the light shone down♪

Lots of corals at Yonehara♪ The small sea goldies and blue-green damsel fishes swam around looking happy despite that the water temperature has gone up(;^ω^)

Todays divers didn’t feel the least cold either\(^o^)/

A pipefish☆

We also found this frost nudibranch✨

Tomorrow we’re fun diving again☆ Where should we go… looking forward to dive!(*^▽^*)

Newly certified diver

Another hot day in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) It’s nice to be underwater♪♪ I wish the water temperature hadn’t gone up quite so much(´・ω・`) Below, a sleepy green sea turtle♡

Lots of corals in Yamabare♪♪

A brown banded pipe fish☆

We found some nudibranch too!

The open water course finished today\(^o^)/ Our student went for an extra dive in the afternoon to celebrate☆ we went to this beautiful landscape site. So many glass fishes glittering like silver in the light☆☆

Inside the swim-through☆

Inside one of the darkest points at the swim-throughs(*^▽^*)

Tomorrow we’ll do some discover scuba dives♪♪ Looking forward to another day at sea\(^o^)/