Lots of Exciting Marine Life on Today’s Dives!

We went out for two afternoon dives in Osaki area today♪♪

On our dives we saw many different critters, let me introduce some of them to you☆☆
First out is this small juvenile Ribbon eel, he will turn blue once he gets older. I wonder if he’ll still be staying in the same area by then(;^ω^)

Two different kinds of Gobies, White-ray shrimp goby and Black-ray shrimp goby♪
They are usually found in deeper areas and their cute appearance charm many divers☆

Around this time of the year, lots of Nudibranch also start to show up♪ We saw lots of them around today (≧▽≦)

Most of the Robust ghost pipefishes around here are quite small, but there has been a lot of them latley\(^o^)/

A Leafy scorpionfish was swaying like a leaf in the wind. Today’s individual sat right  in front of a Stonefish(/ω\)

I wonder if the Stonefish will eat it?(-_-) They are both the same kind of species so I think they should get along!

Relaxed Dives in Osaki☆

Today we went diving with a couple from France♪
One certified diver and one beginner diving together☆

Our first-time diver looked very comfortable underwater♪♪
We circled around corals and took pictures☆

Schools of Blue-green damsel fishes swam in and out of the corals♪♪
Those small fishes will quickly take cover inside the corals if a diver approaches and, as soon as you turn your back, they will soon come out again. It’s very fun to watch(≧▽≦)

In between the coral bommies, I found this tiny, tiny fellow hanging out on the sand. Less than 2cm big, it was a bit hard for my divers to see (;^ω^)

A bright red sea fan♪ The colors are really stunning☆

From now on we’ll go diving a lot in Osaki area♬ Looking forward to it☆

Let’s Go Manta Sightseeing☆☆

It was not supposed to rain in Ishigaki island today… but it did. Quite a lot (;^ω^)

We departed from Sakieda beach and went diving in Osaki and Manta point♪♪
Today, we had one beginner and one certified diver that requested to go diving together and share the fun underwater (≧▽≦)

They met our cute anemonefishes on their first dive\(^o^)/

The swell was pretty high and the boat rocked, but we went to Manta point♪ There, we got to see the mantas (≧▽≦)

We’ll have north wind from tomorrow again(-_-メ) But I’m looking forward to going diving☆

Diving in Osaki Area☆ But Where are the Lionfish!?

Today we went out with two Fun Divers♪
It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Lionfish castle! This dive point is a bit deep, but there are always so many Lionfishes around one of the rock formations here(≧▽≦) But, today we only saw one! Where have they gone (/ω\)

Lots of Durban dancing shrimps were hiding in a rock crack☆☆

Found this magnificent Peacock mantis shrimp too, it quickly ran and hid inside a whole(;^ω^)
Be careful to not get punched by this one!

In a shallower area, we finally found a Lionfish. It has a sullen look from the front(;^ω^)

I wonder if the Lionfishes will come back… we’ll go and have another look some other day☆☆

Diving with Batfish in Nagura Bay

The wind has finally calmed down a bit in Ishigaki☆
… and the water temperature has gone down quite a bit to 25°C((+_+))

Today we went diving at Batfish Paradise and Loco Rock☆☆ It seems like the Batfishes were scattered after the typhoon because we could see them in lots of different places(≧▽≦)

We also saw lots of Banded pipefish, I hope they will stay all winter season(^ω^)

A coral forest♪♪ Lots of new small corals are also coming up here and there♪ I can’t wait for them to grow up\(^o^)/

We also saw Luna lionfishes, Spotfin lionfishes and Common Lionfishes in different sizes – from a big oldie to a small black juvenile (;^ω^)

…and of course a shrimp(≧▽≦) Really like this dive site☆

We’ll go for more fun dives tomorrow♪♪