Discover Scuba Dives among Corals☆

Warm like a summer’s day♪ 25℃ in Ishigaki island today☆
We went out with one certified diver and his friend who tried diving for the first time(≧▽≦) Todays sites were in Osaki and Nagura area☆

Our discover scuba diver managed a smooth decent♪♪ He even went for a short swim around by himself(^O^)

We saw many different tropical fishes and took picture with the Anemone Clownfishes☆

In Nagura, we swam over the beautiful coral reefs\(^o^)/

I hope we can get many more days like this and the water temperature will go up a bit♪♪ But it’s probably still too early in season(;^ω^)

Fun dives in Kabira area, it’s been long time

We had a little bit of rain but it was 24°C warm in Ishigaki island today☆☆
The wind was a gentle breeze and we departed from Kabira bay for the first time this year and went diving in Yonehara♪ It was so peaceful (≧▽≦) All the fishes and corals were as beautiful as last time we saw them♪

In a coral abandoned by the Anemone Fishes a couple of Squat Shrimps have made their home, they just keep increasing (;・∀・)

A Honey Comb Moray stretched out from its hole(;^ω^)

We also saw a young Luna Lionfish, Nudibranch and many other small critters☆

For second dive we went to Manta Point!!
Two mantas skirted the edge of the cleaning station and then swam away into the blue. Surely they will come back I thought… so we waited. And waited… and just as I was about to give up and head back to the boat two mantas appeared behind. I wonder if it was the same ones as before? I’m happy they showed up again (≧▽≦)

Lucky we got to see them☆
Tomorrow we start cleaning before for our holiday♪

Don’t forget final check before jumping in…

Today we had a gentle breeze blowing in Ishigaki island♪♪

We went to Osaki area for two fun dives(≧▽≦) We quickly found a colorful Nudibranch right after the descent, I switched on the camera… “Card Error” it said (;´・ω・)

We found Robust Ghost Pipefish too!
“Card Error” the camera said… (/ω\)

It’s not only the dive equipment that needs a final check, the camera too! Let’s try to remember it together (;^ω^)

Luckily, after I took the card out and put it in again the camera was working for our second dive(≧▽≦)
We found a tiny juvenile Ribbon eel and this time I got a picture of it!

We also went to see the Leafy Scorpionfish that was still sitting in the same place as last time I saw it☆☆ It must really like it there…

Of course, we saw lots of corals too☆ and some Cuttlefish, but they were a bit shy to be in the picture (´・ω・)

Close-up picture of a Nudibranch♪♪♪

The warm weather is going to continue tomorrow(≧▽≦)

Found Pokémon on Fun Dives

The water temperature has gone down to 20°C, it’s truly mid-winter in Ishigaki! Today we went for three Fun Dives in Osaki and Nagura area♪♪ and swam over lots of beautiful corals(≧▽≦)

We also found many interesting marine animals in the sandy bottom area; Garden Eels, White-Ray Shrimp Gobies, Black-Ray Shrimp Gobies, and Robust Ghost Pipefish♪

Everyone’s favorite Pikachu♪ This Nudibranch we don’t see that often(^O^)

Hidden inside a coral I found a Mandarinfish. They hide daytime and come out at sunset so, usually, it’s really hard to get a picture during the day(;´・ω・)

Portrait of one angry looking stonefish spreading its gills and pectoral fin to scare off attackers(;・∀・)

For the last 3 pictures, I was playing with the camera in microscope mode☆A Frost nudibranch close-up♪

A Bubble Coral Shrimp

Coral close-up♪

Today was a fun day with beautiful underwater scenery and many interesting encounters! I just wish it was a bit warmer(;^ω^)

Lots of strange looking animals today

The hard winds from yesterday has calmed down and the sun broke through the clods in Ishigaki today☆
We went for one dive in Osaki and one dive in Nagura on today’s Fun Dives^^

First out of today’s strange sea creatures are these small shrimps(≧▽≦) They can be found on many of the dive sites, the one below is a Squat Shrimp♪

This is a Bubble Coral Shrimp♪ I’ve never seen one this big before!

A Feather Star Shrimp♪ It is very well camouflaged sitting in this Feather Star, but I wonder what happens in if suddenly change to another host with different color (;・∀・)

The corals in Nagura bay are looking well! I feel so relaxed every time I see them (*^▽^*)

A young Ribbon Eel fiercely opened it’s mouth wide as we approached it, despite being very small, it tried it’s best to scare us off (;^ω^)

A Stonefish had dug itself down in the sand as they usually do, the stingers on it’s back are very dangerous but this one looks like it could bite too (>_<)

The Banded Sea Snakes are in mating season♡ The males are doing their best to keep catch one of the females!

Tomorrow is Ishigaki Marathon! Our diver from today will also run in it (≧▽≦) Cheering on everybody tomorrow!