A Long Awaited Meeting☆☆

The east wind was blowing strong as we departed for diving in Ishigaki island☆ The wind will continue to pick up throughout the week(;´・ω・)

Today we went for fun dives in Yonehara and Manta point(≧▽≦)

This time, we’ll start with the second dive♪
At Manta city we saw a Manta ray! Lately, we haven’t had much luck with the mantas but now they are back\(^o^)/
And not only that, the Manta was circling round and round the cleaning station for quite some time☆

In Kabira, the many corals are growing up♪♪

The Peacock mantis shrimp’s color really stand out♪♪ The eyes kind of look like Wall-E(^O^)

A squat shrimp proudly raising its tail above the head☆

This Seasnake was having a siesta and I could sneak close to take this picture♪ It looks very friendly up close(;^ω^)

A Giant Moray eel poked its head out from a hole and got a good relaxing scrub by small cleaner fishes(^O^)

Tomorrow we’re off for Discover scuba dives, looking forward to it☆

Diving with Green Turtles in Ishigaki☆

The wind has turned to east in Ishigaki island and will keep getting stronger from tomorrow(;´・ω・)
It is very hot in Ishigaki, but so is the Japanese mainland too(^O^)

On days like this, it feels good to be underwater♪♪

Our discover scuba divers♪ They were so relaxed on their first dive☆☆ We took lots of pictures with many different fishes(≧▽≦)

And also together with this Green turtle that was having siesta\(^o^)/

The Turtle was rocking back and forth on the stone where it’s usually relaxing♪ Maybe it was itching?(;・∀・)

We also saw small macro like this cute Nudibranch☆

And this flatworm that was swimming by before settling down\(^o^)/

Today we didn’t have any luck at Manta scramble((+_+))… (/ω\)
We’ll try again tomorrow! I’m sure they’ll be there(/・ω・)/

Summer Fun Dives ♪♪

The typhoon has passed and every day is getting warmer in Ishigaki island♪♪

It’s the best weather for diving☆ However, sadly our Manta ray’s doesn’t seem to agree(/ω\) They didn’t show up today either(;´・ω・)

At Yonehara there is the big hard coral garden,

and also the soft coral garden. We can find so many different sceneries here(≧▽≦)

The Sea goldies were swimming merrily today again♪♪

There is also landscape diving☆☆

On the slope a Scorpionfish was resting♪ It has a great camouflage, but is easily spotted when moving(;・∀・)

From under a rock this Mantis shrimp poked it’s head out.

A long Giant moray eel ☆

Tomorrow we’ll go out for Discover scuba dives and fun diving in Ishigaki~~

Fun Dives After the Typhoon♪♪

The typhoon has passed over Ishigaki island\(^o^)/
Because of the direction of the typhoon, there wasn’t even much waves left (≧▽≦)

We went out to Yamabare and Manta point♪♪ The typhoon flushed clean water through the reefs and the visibility was great(^o^)

There was some signs of the typhoons passing underwater, but the fishes were doing well☆
A couple of Seasnakes followed us underwater, it might have been a bit unsettling to people who don’t like snakes(;・∀・)

A Robust ghost pipefish was drifting over the sand(≧▽≦)

And here’s an Ornate ghost pipefish☆

I’ve seen lots of this type of Nudibranch lately♪

On top of a rock, two turtles were having a siesta♪♪ I don’t think they spent the typhoon here so they must have come back because they really like this place☆

Lot’s of small things are hard to spot by the naked eye( ̄▽ ̄)

I went out with high expectations of finding the Manta rays after the typhoon, but they were not there((+_+))
But we will keep looking for them(^^;)

Fun Dives, Calm Before the Storm ☆

Tomorrow, typhoon Maria will hit Ishigaki island. All the boats have been put away in preparation for it(;´・ω・) This view of Kabira bay without the boats you can only see on a sunny day before the typhoon♪♪

The wind has turned to the north, but it’s still weak so we could still go diving in the morning(≧▽≦) We did two dives in Yonehara☆

From Yonehara, we often post pictures of hard corals but there is also a spot with a wide field of soft corals here(^O^)

We saw lots of different macro today♪

Like this tiny Nudibranch♪

There is also a tunnel with lots of fishes in the shallow area (^ω^)

Of course, I found lots of shrimps! My favorites(≧▽≦)
In one place, I found so many Anemone partner shrimps it was impossible to count them!

This shrimp is almost completely transparent so it wasn’t easy to spot(^O^)

Those Whip coral shrimps were sitting right on the root of the whip coral♪

A super tiny Bubble coral shrimp☆ It was living on a small coral so maybe it’s better for it to keep small(;・∀・)

A group of Durban dancing shrimps lining up to get their picture taken♬

An Anemone shrimp☆

From tomorrow, we’ll close because of the typhoon and stay safe indoors the whole day(;´・ω・)
Let’s go diving together again once this typhoon passes\(^o^)/