Fun dives with refresher course

The wind over Ishigaki island is very strong since yesterday(;´・ω・) Today’s guests had been out of the water for a while so they did a refresher course with us☆ First, we practiced a few skills to get comfortable in the water again ☆ After that, we swam around and explored the dive site☆

Lots of small fishes were swimming in and out of the corals♪

We met several green sea turtles today! Many of them had squeezed themselves in between the rocks to keep stable in the swell(;・∀・)

This turtle was busy eating and didn’t care about us at all(;^ω^)

A tiny Pipefish☆ This season we’ve seen them frequently in this sandy area☆

A peacock mantis shrimp♪ It was hiding under a rock at first but this individual was unusually curious and soon came out to say hello(^-^;

It looks like the wind will continue to blow strong tomorrow too, I hope we can get calm seas again soon(;^ω^)

Fun dives before the wind get too strong

Today’s windy and sometimes rainy in Ishigaki island(>_<) However, Osaki never disappoints♪ We went for fun dives and met the green sea turtles☆☆

The corals are looking well♪

We saw lots of small ocean critters as well☆ Like this Pipefish♪

And this one!

A stonefish had hidden expertly under the sand♪

This one was hiding on a rock nearby, must be a good spot for them(;^ω^)

A Mantis shrimp taking a threatening pose to ward us off! Splendid colors☆

Tiny Anemoneshrimps living on the green♪

The wind just keeps blowing strong, it’s gotten much colder too!

Almost dolphins…

Compared to yesterday, there was much less wind in Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) Another boat saw dolphins in Osaki area! And they snorkeled with them!(>_<) We were so close but missed them(;´・ω・) Well, the corals were pretty I guess(;・∀・)

Lots of Sea turtles on the dive too(≧▽≦) But no dolphins…

Another turtle was sleeping nearby, not many divers in the water today so I guess it could relax better(;^ω^) I wish there was dolphins too…

This Stonefish was sitting in the same spot as yesterday☆

A Nudibranch☆☆

It’s too bad we missed the dolphins, but the diving was good(≧▽≦) Tomorrow we’re doing some maintenance at the shop(;・∀・)

Strong winds today

The north wind is howling through Ishigaki island today(;´・ω・) On days like this, I’m glad we can go diving in calm Osaki area☆ So many healthy corals in the shallow parts of this area(≧▽≦)

Who wouldn’t want to meet this cutie?♪♪ Sea turtles are everybody’s favorites☆

The Spotted garden eels are also very popular♪ There are schools of them poking their heads out of the sand~(/・ω・)/

This little Pipehorse has been staying around the same area for a long time☆

An impressive looking Stonefish(;・∀・)

This flounder has hidden itself expertly♪

Below, another flounder.

A tiny nudibranch clinging to a coral.

The wind will be strong tomorrow again(-_-メ) We will find somewhere calm to go☆

Calm ocean Diving Ishigaki

Blue sky over Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) We went out for fun dives in Ishigaki’s Osaki and Nagura area☆
The visibility in Osaki was outstanding♪♪ We met lots of green sea turtles☆

And a giant cuttlefish! It’s still a bit early but I hope we will see many more of them soon(;^ω^)

So many different kinds of corals in just one photo( ̄▽ ̄)

A small palette surgeonfish☆

We also swam by this robust ghost pipefish(≧▽≦)

And a white-mouth moray eel♪

The wind will get stronger from tomorrow again(;´・ω・) But diving will still be good!♪