Manta Rays on Open Water Course?!

The swell has gone down somewhat and a gentle breeze is blowing over Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)

However, the wind is changing to north and from tomorrow we cannot go out to Manta point(;´・ω・)

Today’s student leveled up her PADI scuba diver license to Open water diver! We did one dive in Osaki and one at Manta point☆☆

We descended slowly and did lots of skill practice! (≧▽≦) Of course, we also made time for exploring the reef♪♪

The visibility is back to normal♪ We also saw the Batfishes but it was a small school today(;・∀・)

There were also lots of tiny Nudibranchs! We can usually find many of them in this area during the winter(/・ω・)/

Today, we saw lots of Manta rays at Manta city, I believe there were 3 different individuals(^ω^)
“Let’s finish the compass skills and then rush off to the Mantas!” I thought. However, the Manta ended up coming to us\(^o^)/ You can see it approaching☆

It really swam up close!! Feeling grateful to this amazing ocean giant♪

We also saw many Green turtles, this one was having a break on top of the reef(*^▽^*)

After watching the Manta rays, we enjoyed diving the landscape side of this dive site!

From tomorrow, we will be diving in Osaki and Nagura area♪ It’s been a long time and I’m excited to dive there again(*^▽^*)

First Mantas then Diving in Osaki

We could go diving in Ishigaki island today☆ The wind has calmed down but the swell is still high.

After two typhoons following right after each other the sea has been more than a little restless(;^ω^)
The wind is currently blowing from east but it’s predicted to change to north, so we went to Manta point while we still had a chance!

Even underwater, we were rocking quite a bit with the swell but it was well worth id for the majestic Manta rays(≧▽≦

The manta was also struggling with the waves(;・∀・) But look at this collaboration♪
A Green turtle and a Manta! Both of them were fighting against the wave motion to avoid collision(*’ω’*)

After Manta point we drove around to Sakieda and did our 2nd dive in Nagura bay☆☆ The blue corals were growing up beautifully♪ They have survived high water temperatures and crown of thorns starfish attacks and are now on the way to recovery♪

I also found this gem glittering underwater… I’m not sure exactly what it is. Maybe a coral? It was very pretty(≧▽≦)

There were many Anemone partner shrimps♪ They move their bodies like in a little dance☆

Last Day of Calm! Landscape Diving, Turtle and Mantas♪

A typhoon+ north wind, stormy weather is approaching Ishigaki island!

Today we went out with only certified divers♪♪
We dived at Rock lake, Manta scramble and Manta city☆
So much fun swimming through the tunnels at the landscape dive site(≧▽≦)

For 2nd dive we went to Manta scramble where we waited a long time without any luck(T_T) I also feel disappointed when we wait and don’t see them(;´・ω・) However, we didn’t give up and tried again on the 3rd dive!
Luckily, we only had to wait 5min this time and then a Manta appeared(≧▽≦)

It circled slowly above the station and we could take our time to watch it☆ Closeby, a young turtle was having a siesta on top of the soft corals♪♪ So tiny(*’ω’*)

We can see Nudibranch at all of the dive sites♪ This little fellow crossed our path while we waited for the Manta ray.

I’m worried about the typhoon, but tomorrow we can still go diving!

Great Dives♪ Finally a Manta that Circled Slowly Above the Station☆

It’s the calm before the storm in Ishigaki island(;´・ω・)

A typhoon has formed south of Ishigaki and it’s turning the wind to north! Well, no point to worry♪ Today we had great sea conditions for diving(≧▽≦)
The visibility was also very good♪ We went out with both beginner divers and licenced divers today☆

Of course, there were lots of Green turtles♪ in Yamabare♪♪
We took a picture together with one☆ If we approach them respectfully, they can stay very relaxed liked this(*’ω’*)

For 2nd dive we went to Manta scramble without luck(/ω\) It’s really bad this year(;´・ω・)
However, we got revenge on the 3rd dive at Manta scramble! One manta was circling the station as we went down (≧▽≦)

It circled round and round and round☆☆

Feeling grateful for the manta, turtles and all the other marine animals we got to see today♪
Like this Octopus! It had squeezed itself into a small hole(;・∀・)

And this tiny crab♪

Tomorrow is another summery day! Looking forward to get into the water(/・ω・)/d

Just as We were About to Give Up – Finally a Manta Ray!

Another sunny day in Ishigaki island☆

We went out with 2 divers today☆ First dive we saw Green turtles♪ There are so many of them this year(≧▽≦)
It looked very comfy resting among the corals ♪

Today we went diving at Manta city(・`д・´) We waited and waited at the cleaning station…
And we also enjoyed some landscape diving

Just as we were about to ascend, finally a manta ray appeared\(^o^)/
It was only passing by, but this year we are just super happy if we get to see them!

Great experience♪ I hope we can repeat tomorrow m(__)m

We also saw many other fishes, like this one below♪
It’s a Longnose hawkfish♪ It looks similar to the Dwarf hawkfish but has a longer nose and is much rarer(;^ω^)

Tomorrow we’re off for discover scuba dives and fun dives in Ishigaki again!