Great Visibility and Manta Rays

Summer has come to Ishigaki island, it’s hot!(≧▽≦) Today we went out with both certified and beginner divers☆ Yonehara had great visibility today♪

It was hard to tell today’s discover scuba diver apart from a certified, he swam very well(;^ω^)

A whip shrimp on a whip coral.

For the second dive we went to Manta point! There was a manta ray circling the cleaning station today\(^o^)/

Looking forward to another day of diving tomorrow☆

Swimming in a Blue, Blue Ocean

A strong south wind blew over Ishigaki island today☆
We went out with two discover scuba divers to Yamabare and Manta point! The had been diving before and could swim very smoothly(≧▽≦)

We took pictures together with this sleepy turtle♪♪ It was hiding inside the shelter today(;^ω^)

Lots of corals growing up on this website, it’s so much fun to see them get bigger and bigger♪

Then, we went to Manta scramble! We waited for a very long time… but no manta showed up today(T_T)

Tomorrow, we’re off for discover scuba dives again☆

The Waves are Finally Down! Fun Dives

There is still a little bit of swell left but both the wind and the waves have calmed down again(≧▽≦) Today we went out with divers from Australia and Singapore☆ Recently, there haven’t been many manta sightings and we didn’t have any luck today either((+_+))
But we did see many other different marine animals around Kabira area♪

The landscape underwater is certainly beautiful all by itself(`・ω・´)

We went for another landscape at Rock lake for the third dive♪

A Squat shimp. They look so funny as the move around shaking their little tails♪

Below, a whip-coral shrimp♪

Tomorrow we’re off diving again with both beginners and certified divers! I hope we can see many exciting things again☆ Hope the mantas will be back too(/・ω・)/

Quick Stop at Manta Point Before the Wind Turns!

Another day with clear morning sky♪The wind was already turning north this morning but was still week when we departed from Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)
In the afternoon, the wind was blowing stronger and stronger so we moved over to Sakieda☆ But today we went diving at Yonehara and Manta point☆☆ However, the manta rays didn’t show up today(/ω\)

Lots of small fishes swimming over the corals in the big blue☆

Of course, we had to take photos with them♪♪

From tomorrow, we’ll be diving in Osaki and Nagura again☆ It’s been a while, I wonder what has changed since last time!