Almost dolphins…

Compared to yesterday, there was much less wind in Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) Another boat saw dolphins in Osaki area! And they snorkeled with them!(>_<) We were so close but missed them(;´・ω・) Well, the corals were pretty I guess(;・∀・)

Lots of Sea turtles on the dive too(≧▽≦) But no dolphins…

Another turtle was sleeping nearby, not many divers in the water today so I guess it could relax better(;^ω^) I wish there was dolphins too…

This Stonefish was sitting in the same spot as yesterday☆

A Nudibranch☆☆

It’s too bad we missed the dolphins, but the diving was good(≧▽≦) Tomorrow we’re doing some maintenance at the shop(;・∀・)

Strong winds today

The north wind is howling through Ishigaki island today(;´・ω・) On days like this, I’m glad we can go diving in calm Osaki area☆ So many healthy corals in the shallow parts of this area(≧▽≦)

Who wouldn’t want to meet this cutie?♪♪ Sea turtles are everybody’s favorites☆

The Spotted garden eels are also very popular♪ There are schools of them poking their heads out of the sand~(/・ω・)/

This little Pipehorse has been staying around the same area for a long time☆

An impressive looking Stonefish(;・∀・)

This flounder has hidden itself expertly♪

Below, another flounder.

A tiny nudibranch clinging to a coral.

The wind will be strong tomorrow again(-_-メ) We will find somewhere calm to go☆

Calm ocean Diving Ishigaki

Blue sky over Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) We went out for fun dives in Ishigaki’s Osaki and Nagura area☆
The visibility in Osaki was outstanding♪♪ We met lots of green sea turtles☆

And a giant cuttlefish! It’s still a bit early but I hope we will see many more of them soon(;^ω^)

So many different kinds of corals in just one photo( ̄▽ ̄)

A small palette surgeonfish☆

We also swam by this robust ghost pipefish(≧▽≦)

And a white-mouth moray eel♪

The wind will get stronger from tomorrow again(;´・ω・) But diving will still be good!♪

Fun Dives

The ocean around Ishigaki island is getting colder by the day(;・∀・)
But diving is good! We went for fun dives in Osaki and Nagura☆ The corals in Nagura are really something special♡

We found some Robust ghost pipefish♪

The sea turtles weren’t at their usual resting place(/ω\) Maybe too many people there recently so they escaped to somewhere deeper. However, we saw many other interesring marine animals! Below, a Whipcoral shrimp.

At least the shrimps aren’t moving around as much☆☆

Below, an Anemone partner shrimp.

Bubble coral shrimp(`・ω・´)

A flounder was hiding on the sand☆

We also swam across this good looking Batfish.

I think this winter will be quite cold in Ishigaki island, time to bring lots of warm water to pour inside the wetsuits!

Discover Scuba Dives with Sea Turtles

Northeast wind today in Ishigaki island, it feels like winter is on its way(;^ω^) The water temperature is still a comfortable 26°C☆ Today, we had a group of beginner divers on the boat(≧▽≦)

It was everybody’s first time diving, a bit unstable at first but then everybody swam very well☆

At the shallow part of the dive site, the sea goldies were swimming in and out of the corals(/・ω・)/

We took a photo together☆ All three divers were breathing at the same pace in this one!♪

A big Sea turtle(≧▽≦) It was very relaxed and kept rubbing its shell against the rock to clean it☆

We could get very close to the turtle☆ Big excitement! (*’ω’*)

There are three different kinds of sea snakes in Ishigaki, the most common one is the Banded sea snake(;・∀・) It’s beautiful but not popular with everyone(;^ω^)

Both the air and water temperature are still really pleasant in Ishigaki☆☆ I want it to stay like this all winter, but that’s probably not going to happen(;・∀・)