Discover Scuba Dives with Manta Rays

Clear sky over Ishigaki island today\(^o^)/ Sunny summer is back(≧▽≦)
Today we went out for discover scuba dives at Yonehara and Manta scramble(*^▽^*)

Today’s divers had tried diving before and swam very well underwater\(^o^)/ They could be mistaken for certified divers with that bouancy(;^ω^)

We floated over the coral field in Yoneharaす♪♪ The visibility was a bit less than usual but the fishes were as abundant as ever☆

Today we saw Manta rays! They appeared as soon as we descended\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/ They didn’t circle but swam back and forth a several times♪♪♪

Tomorrow we’re off for fun dives! I wonder if the Manta rays will show up again?(;・∀・)

Fun Dives at Yonehara and Manta Point

The latest typhoon wasn’t very strong but we still had to take a few days off diving(;^ω^)
We went diving at Yonehara and Manta point♪ The water temperature has gone down a bit, great for the corals♪

A very, very tiny shrimp(^O^)

And a big Anemone shrimp☆

A Clown anemonefish greeted us too☆☆ However, the manta’s didn’t show up today((+_+))

Tomorrow we’re doing discover scuba dives! I wonder if we will have better luck then…

Typhoon in the Neighborhood

The sun was shining but the sea was rough because of the influence of the typhoon closeby Ishigaki island(;´・ω・) It will be stormy another 2-3days!
Today, we went diving at calm Yonehara that was shelteredし(≧▽≦)
Lots of Sea goldies ♪♪

Second dive was at a different part of Yonehara☆☆ So many hard coral(*^▽^*)

We also saw many soft corals as we went to the deeper area☆

This Brown-banded pipefish hid between the rocks♪

We also saw many different shrimps♪ Below, an Anemone partner shrimp.

And Squat shrimps shaking their tiny tails♡

Living on a Whip coral, a Whip coral shrimp♪

Living in an Anemone, an Anemone shrimp♪

This Banded boxer shrimp was well sheltered by a rock(^O^)

From tomorrow the typhoon will get stronger((+_+)) We’ll see when we can go diving again(;^ω^)

Calm Dives in Summery Ishigaki

It’s very hot here in Ishigaki island☆ On days like this we just want to jump straight into the water(;^ω^)
And meet new friends like this little Clown anemonefish♪♪

A field of corals♪ This dive site is very good for beginner divers and divers that has been out of the water for a while(≧▽≦)

Schools of Sea goldies(≧▽≦)

No manta rays today either~~((+_+))
But we met this Green turtle chilling on a rock☆

I found this Leafy scorpionfish the other day♪ It was still in the same spot☆

A Mantis shrimp poked its head out from a sandy hole☆

A Whip coral shrimp☆☆

Looking forward to more encounters underwater. However, a typhoon has formed south of the island so we might have to take a rest(;・∀・)

Family Diving Holiday

The wind has calmed down and it’s super hot in Ishigaki island(´-ω-`) Today we had a family of divers onboard♪ This is their second day of diving with us☆

The visibility was great and we floated over the coral sea♪♪ The corals are still looking good, but it’s gotten way too warm underwater the last week(゚Д゚;)

Schools of Sea goldies(≧▽≦)

Unfortunately, no Manta rays today((+_+)) They made a quick appearance yesterday so I hope they will come back soon. We still got to chill with this Green turtle(≧▽≦)

Summer is here! It will continue to be very hot… tomorrow we’re having a day off ^_^