Winter Dives at Yonehara and Manta point☆

Another warm day! A perfect day for diving in Ishigaki island☆

We went out to Yonehara and Manta point with this lovely couple(≧▽≦)
They had already finished the confined part of the open water course and were a bit nervous before their first ocean dives, but soon forgot about it and swam along☆

We took pictures with the Clown anemonefishes and swam over the coral garden, time passed so quickly(;^ω^)

First dives in the ocean! So much fun☆

For second dive we went to Manta city♬ We didn’t have to wait long before a manta showed up\(^o^)/ However, it was quite far away…

We waited for a while after the first manta swam away, then, a small male appeared! This one circled the cleaning stations a couple of times before going away(;´・ω・)
Finally, the last manta ray put on a real show♪ It circled around and swooped over the divers’ heads(≧▽≦)

From tomorrow it will be north wind again, looking forward to departing from Sakieda beach☆

Discover Scuba Dives, Life is Better Underwater

There was much less windy today, however, the swell was quite high around Ishigaki island.
We departed for discover scuba dives in Yonehara and Osaki☆ Both points are abundant with healthy coral gardens(≧▽≦)

We also took photos together with the Clown anemonefishes☆ We saw four (!) different species of anemonefish on our first dive\(^o^)/

It’s hard to imagine something so cute having such sharp teeth(;・∀・)It doesn’t hurt that much if they bite, but many people are surprised that they have teeth at all (;^ω^)

A school of Sea goldies♪ Their red color really shine against the ocean blue(*’ω’*)

A young Ribbon eel(^O^)

From tomorrow we’ll be departing from Sakieda beach again!

Discover Scuba Dives with Manta Rays in Ishigaki island

The ocean is still flat around Ishigaki island. However, it will get rougher from tomorrow(;´・ω・)

Today, we went out for discover scuba dives♪♪

Our diver was very comfortable underwater☆ He tried diving before and could even make own buoyancy\(^o^)/It was lots of fun♪♪

We also met many Clown anemonefishes♪ There are many different ones in Yonehara☆

A funky looking Banded boxer shrimp(≧▽≦) Look at that blue belly!

Schools of small fishes! So many different colors, time passed way to quickly(;・∀・)

For second dive we tried our luck at manta city☆ and first we saw a Manta right by the boat(≧▽≦)
It was very exciting♪ It was still there when we went diving☆

However, it didn’t stick around and went away while I fixed with the anchor(T_T)
We had to wait a long time before another one appeared(;^ω^)

From tomorrow, we’ll leave from Sakieda because of the north wind♪ Looking forward to diving again!

Manta Rays on 3rd Dive☆

Another day with east wind in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) Rain fell from time to time, but it was still warm and the visibility underwater was excellent☆

We went diving at Yonehara and the Manta points☆
I had a cold since last week, but finally I could equalize my ears again(`・ω・´)

The coral garden of Yonehara♪♪ Lots of Sea goldies and Blue-green damselfishes swam around in schools\(^o^)/

And a big Honeycomb moray eel poked it’s head out from a whole(;^ω^) I think it looks quite friendly♪

A pair of Anemone shrimps♪ They are still quite small, looking forward to seeing them grow(^O^)

Also found this litte cuite(*’ω’*) It’s been a long time since I saw this Nudibranch♪

For 2nd dive we went to Manta scramble! However, there were no Manta rays there this time(/ω\)
So, we went back for 3rd dive! This time we tried Manta City.
Here, our luck was much better, 3 Mantas appeared(≧▽≦)

This one came really close to us! It was a very exciting dive thanks to this friendly Manta ray☆☆

We also saw this small Green turtle hiding it’s head(;・∀・)

Soon, the wind will turn to north again and I plan to move the boat back to Sakieda tomorrow(;^ω^)

Summer is Back! Time for Fun Dives♪

East wind! Feeling good♪ Great weather in Ishigaki island right now☆

We departed from Kabira for dives at Yonehara and Manta point(≧▽≦)

The coral garden of Yonehara are so tranquil☆ But at the same time lively with all the small fishes swimming around♪

A resting Crocodile fish♪♪ These eyes are really something\(^o^)/

At Manta scramble, we saw a Manta from far away…
It passed by in full speed and didn’t come back, I wish we could have spent more time with it(;´・ω・)

However, a sleeping Green turtle came to rescue(^O^) We even got a picture together(≧▽≦)

This Clownfish looks like it just woke up♪♪ It has a funny face, no wonder they are so popular(*^▽^*)

I wonder how long this good weather will last this time, I wish it will never go away!