Family day on the sea

The north wind was strong today again but the sun was shining bright over Ishigaki island (≧∀≦)
Today we had a family of divers on the boat♪ The coral reef in the shallow part of Osaki was sparkling with all the small fishes glittering in the light☆

Photo with a green sea turtle(*^▽^*) Lots of turtles sleeping on the rocks todayσ(^_^;)

We also saw this robust ghost pipefish♪ It looks like a leaf swaying with the wave motion☆

A scorpionfish Σ(‘◉⌓◉’)

Only the eyes and mouth was sticking up from the sand. A big ugly(?) stonefish♪

Tomorrow we’re starting an open water course again (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡

A calm spot away from the strong north wind

The wind has turned around and today it blew strongly from the north over Ishigaki island. Sometimes rain, but also sun and we had two relaxing dives in Osaki area (≧∀≦) Underwater the seascape was peaceful and calming☆

A little anemone in the middle of the sand♪ The anemone fishes were swaying back and forth with the wave motion σ(^_^;)

Garden eels♪ It was raining above so it almost looks like we were night diving ・・・(・●・)

A golden yellow leafy scorpionfish(≧∀≦) Another one in the same bright color was nearby♡ Every year I can find a scorpionfish around this spot but the color also change every year (^◇^;)

An orange stripe shrimp goby♪

The weather is supposed to be a bit vetter tomorrow, I hope we’ll see a lot more sun (^_^;)

One day of south wind

The summer has come back to Ishigaki island for one day(≧∀≦)
We went for three dives in Osaki area and at Manta point♪♪ It’s amazing how we can find so many different corals in different areas around Ishigaki island♪( ´▽`) Below, finger corals in Osaki☆

The corals in Nagura bay are spectacular but, recently, the corals around Manta point have been growing like crazy! In the winter, we usually can’t go here but I guess it’s good for the corals to get a break too(*^▽^*)

A pair of robust ghost pipefish♪The season for them is coming to an end, but they are still possible to find if one looks carefully (^○^)

A scorpionfish♪

Whip coral with whip coral shrimps!☆

We also found lots of nudibranch (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡

Today’s blog is a little bit short. Thank you for reading! σ(^_^;) Looking forward to dive tomorrow again!

Carefree fun dives

A mild east wind as we departed today♪ blue sky and warm days in Ishigaki island(≧∀≦)
Today, we went for two fun dives☆ Upon request, we headed to Osaki to see the sleepy green turtles♡ This turtle had totally crashed on a sea fan Σ(‘◉⌓◉’)

We approached slowly and took lots of photos!!

We also saw garden eels♪Some of them have gotten quite used to divers (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Below, a stickpipe fish☆

The anemone partner shrimps are still thriving in their little underwater forest (*´꒳`*)

Clown anemone fish♪

This seasnake had a big itch, scratch, scratch, scratch・・・(・_・;

In Nagura bay, we enjoyed the beautiful corals (≧∀≦)

The weather looks great for the next few days♪ Come dive with us!〜〜)^o^(

It’s warmer in the ocean

The wind has changed to a strong cold north over Ishigaki island・・・Σ(‘◉⌓◉’) So we went diving and snorkeling in calm Osaki area☆ The visibility at the shallow parts of the reef was really good(*^▽^*) We could se lots of corals and fishes when snorkeling♫

At the same point, but below☆ It was warm around the surface but cold as we went below 7m ( ;∀;)

A lionfish cruising over the reef♪ This one was only two meters below the surface so we saw it very well when snorkeling too (≧∀≦)

We also met the green sea turtles♡ This one had lodged itself under a rock to keep stable in the swell stirring around the water below♫

A golden yellow leafy scorpionfish☆ Lately, we mostly seen white and black ones so this was a pleasant surprise♪

An anemone shrimp sitting right in the middle of the anemone!

Looks like this weather will continue for a few day, the water temperature is going down!