Been waiting for this fantastic weather

Finally the wind has died down around Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) So nice to drive the boat on the flat ocean♪ We went out fun diving today again! This time at Yamabare and Manta point♪ The friendly green sea turtles were napping in their usual place(*´▽`*)

We floated over all the new corals that’s growing up in Yamabare☆

We saw many different critters. Below, an ornate ghost pipefish♡

A pair of Harlequin filfishes were swimming in and out of the corals♪

A Lionfish spread its fins swimming on the artificial reef.

We saw lot of this spices of nudibranch today, I don’t know how long the season for them will be this year but let’s enjoy(≧▽≦)

The manta rays… not here today either! I wonder where they went and hope that they will come back soon!

We found a calm spot

Another day with strong wind in Ishigaki island(;´・ω・) We went for three dives, two in Yamabare and one in Yonehara(≧▽≦) We saw a HUGE turtle on the last dive!!It’s hard to tell by the photo, but this one was really big!

We swam over lots of corals♪Just looking at them will make your heart lighter~☆

Around this season, we can see big schools of small baby fishes♡ It’s fascinating to see the school moving as they try to escape the big fish chasing them (;・∀・)

A square-spot anthias♪

Two banded pipe fishes(≧▽≦)

An anemone crab sitting on the edge of the coral catching food\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/

On the rocks, the electric clams reflected the light right back as I shone the torch on them.

A Nudibranch on the go!

Four flatworms on the same coral! I wonder what brought about this gathering(;・∀・)

I hope the wind will be calmer tomorrow, looking forward to diving♪♪

Windy above, calm below

The south wind continues to blow strong over Ishigaki Island(;´・ω・)
I met today’s for the first time when I was working in Thailand many years ago(≧▽≦) Today, we had some relaxing dives together♪♪

Schools of fish at Yonehara☆☆

Look how many of them are swimming around this big bommie♪♪

A Leafy scorpionfish, we saw two of them in different colors today(*´▽`*)

A tiny Lionfish fry♪

We also saw this beautiful adult lionfish\(^o^)/

No manta rays at Manta scramble today again, I wonder where they have gone (´-ω-`) But we did se two big green sea turtles having a nap on the reef, one of them quickly swam away as we got closer(/ω\) Sorry for disturbing(;^ω^) The other one didn’t mind and continued to sleep peacefully

I also took a video of these clown anemonefishes(*´▽`*)

Tomorrow we’ll go diving again☆ I wish the wind would calm down(;・∀・)

Discover Scuba Dives in Ishigaki Island

The wind is blowing strong over Ishigaki island and we had fine weather today! I hope the raining on mainland Japan will stop soon, it’s really worrying to watch the news with all the flooding(;´・ω・)
Today, we went diving with these two lovely people. She is certified and he did his first dives with us♪They requested to dive together☆

A sleepy green sea turtle(≧▽≦)

We approached slowly and the turtle didn’t seem to mind at all! So we took a photo together☆

We swam slowly among many colorful fishes and also stopped to take photos with these tomato anemone fishes(*´▽`*)

For second dive, we went to manta point! But sadly no manta rays at manta scramble today~~(T_T)

The water temperature is up, 30℃ now! I don’t mind the weather being hot but I hope that the water temperature dosen’r rise too much(;^ω^)

Be careful of the striped eel catfishes

Sunny hot day in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) Today we went for fun dives at Yamabare and Manta point☆ Both dive sites had lots of healthy corals growing\(^o^)/ However, the water temperature is already quite high which makes me worry.

Today’s guest♪♪ We searched for the manta rays together but they didn’t show up today(/ω\)

We did meet lots of gren sea turtles at both Yamabare and Manta scramble☆
This one was resting under a rock♪

Another turtle was resting on top of the corals(*´▽`*)

We also saw a school of striped eel catfishes appeared♪ They look cute but are actually poisonous so it’s better to not get too close.

Below, anemone fish eggs♡ They are about to hatch soon (^ω^)

The manta rays are not appearing that frequently yet, I hope they will start circling the cleaning stations more regularly soon! (・`д・´)