Great day for family snorkeling

I can’t believe it’s already March☆ It was really hot today in Ishigaki Island, it almost felt like summer! (≧∀≦) We went out snorkeling with this lovely family♪

Ready to go (*^▽^*)

Swimming like fishes! Even the youngest one had strong power in his fin kicks as he held onto the float for extra support☆

A cuttlefish! ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+
There still aren’t that many of them around, I hope they will gather in greater numbers soon.

Very good visibility today and we could clearly see all the beautiful corals from above ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Here’s the whole family in action♪ Perfect day on the ocean!

Family diving and snorkeling in Ishigaki

The wind was calm and even the sun came out over Osaki in Ishigaki island today (≧∀≦)
We went diving and snorkeling with this family of ocean lovers♪Despite the good weather, the island has gotten a bit cold σ(^_^;)

Veteran discover scuba diver♪ Everyone swam very well ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

A giant cuttlefish swam over the finger corals!! This individual has been around this area for a while (*^▽^*)

We saw one green sea turtle today♡ Of course, we took a photo together〜☆

The rest of the family snorkeled and enjoed the reef from above. A few more years and maybe they all will be diving!!
Looking at the weather forecast, 2020 will end with a big storm Σ(‘◉⌓◉’) I guess we should have expected that…

It’s warmer in the ocean

The wind has changed to a strong cold north over Ishigaki island・・・Σ(‘◉⌓◉’) So we went diving and snorkeling in calm Osaki area☆ The visibility at the shallow parts of the reef was really good(*^▽^*) We could se lots of corals and fishes when snorkeling♫

At the same point, but below☆ It was warm around the surface but cold as we went below 7m ( ;∀;)

A lionfish cruising over the reef♪ This one was only two meters below the surface so we saw it very well when snorkeling too (≧∀≦)

We also met the green sea turtles♡ This one had lodged itself under a rock to keep stable in the swell stirring around the water below♫

A golden yellow leafy scorpionfish☆ Lately, we mostly seen white and black ones so this was a pleasant surprise♪

An anemone shrimp sitting right in the middle of the anemone!

Looks like this weather will continue for a few day, the water temperature is going down!

Family day on the ocean

The rain was pouring down this morning which made me worry, but the sun came out as we departed from the beach(≧▽≦)
Today, we had a family of six on the boat enjoying the sea☆ Two open water courses and two refresher courses♪and the young boys went snorkeling☆

Scuba team group photo~☆ We did lots of skill practice♪

A tomato anemonefish♪

Growing seaweed? A scorpionfish looking green♪

We met the green sea turtles on the second dive\(^o^)/ I think we had 100% success rate of seeing them lately!

Group photo with the turtle♪

Looking more and more confident underwater(≧▽≦) It’s fun watching everyones progress dive by dive☆

A storm is coming tomorrow evening (;・∀・) We’ll finish the course before the ocean gets rough!!

Let’s play! The sea is still calm

A north wind is blowing over Ishigaki island so we went diving in Osaki and Nagura area(≧▽≦)
Today, we had two families on the boat☆ Discover scuba dives, fun dives and snorkeling♪

In Osaki, we saw a giant gcuttlefish(*´▽`*)

Discover scuba dives☆ They had both dived before and kept very good buoyancy(/・ω・)/

Snorkeling team spotted on the surface!☆

Lots of corals in Nagura bay♡

Countless small fishes were hiding inside the corals(≧▽≦)

Clown anemone fish♪

Looking forward to diving in Osaki area tomorrow again☆☆