The Ocean went Rough Overnight! But we saw the Manta Rays☆

Yesterday, the ocean was flat like a mirror…. today we went over high swell in Ishigaki island(; ・`д・´)

The wind is still not that strong, but the swell from far up north travel all the way here(/ω\)
However, we still went out for fun dives, discover scuba dives and snorkeling☆

At the beach, we went through how to use the equipment! The swell didn’t reach here so it was calm as usual☆☆

Yonehara was also sheltered♪ Visibility was great today☆☆
And the corals were looking good♪♪ We saw a turtle swimming in the distance, swam with the fishes and the time was up just like that(;^ω^)

Our first time discover scuba diver also had a good time discovering the underwater world(≧▽≦)

For 2nd dive we went to Manta point! The swell was high and visibility had gone down, but since it might be one of the last days we can go here so of course we took the chance!

We saw 3 Manta rays today\(^o^)/ You could see them wobbling in the swell underwater too(;・∀・)

We also saw many other fishes☆ Like this Lionfish♪♪ It was hiding under a rock and, as we approached, slowly swam on top♪

A Squat shrimp shaking its little tail♪♪ They were flocking on the edge of an Anemone♪

We’re expecting the same swell tomorrow…(;´・ω・) I hope we can go out to Manta point again!

So Many Manta Rays Today!!!

The ocean was totally flat in Ishigaki island today☆
We went out with a team of certified divers, non-certified divers, snorkelers and a passenger. Everybody saw the Manta rays♪

But first, warm up in Yonehara coral garden(≧▽≦) So many colorful fishes☆

The coral field♪♪ Schools of Blue-green damsel fishes and Sea goldies\(^o^)/

Second point, Manta scramble☆
From the moment we went into the water until it was time to go up, we met so many Manta rays(≧▽≦) There was so many of them it was hard to know where to look(;・∀・)

Short Scuba video of the Manta here↓↓↓↓↓

Short Snorkeling video of the Manta!

And this is our boat seen from below the surface, the light and visibility was spectacular today☆

I hope we can have another day like this tomorrow!

Fun Dives, Discover Scuba Dives and Snorkeling☆

The swell left from the passing typhoon has gone down a lot, now a strong south wind is blowing in Ishigaki island☆

We went diving in Kabira area at Yonehara and Manta Point with a group of smiling divers♪♪♪
A Swedish family joined us on the boat today☆ The youngsters went on their first scuba dives with us♪ They were both very good swimmers(/・ω・) It’s hard to believe it was their first dives ever!☆

Our snorkeling team swam above the corals and saw many different tropical reef fishes☆

Floating over the coral field of Yonehara☆ I wonder if our first-time divers will go for their licenses soon(≧▽≦)

The Sea goldies swam in small glimmering schools above the bommies♪ It’s so calming to watch them(;^ω^)

Today we saw two Manta rays at manta point! However, our discover scuba team was
unfortunately out of the water already and missed them(/ω\)
The Mantas swam by quickly, but all our fun divers and snorkelers got to see them(*^▽^*)

In Yonehara, I found this big Banded boxer shrimp. Don’t you think it looks kind of like a rabbit from the front?\(^o^)/

Look at this closeup, does anybody else see the rabbit face…?(;・∀・)

Tomorrow, we’re starting an Open Water Course☆ It’s gonna be so much fun♪
We also have fun dives to look forward to, I will not join them but I hope they will have a good time(;^ω^)

Big Group of Friends☆ Osaki Go

A strong north wind is blowing in Ishigaki island because of the influence from a newly formed typhoon.
Today, we went out with a group of friends from Hong Kong☆ Fun dives, Discover scuba dives and snorkeling(≧▽≦)
We departed from Sakieda beach and went to Osaki and Nagura area☆☆

Lots of livley coral bommies in Osaki(^O^)
Our discover scuba divers swam really well and it was hard to belive it was their first time diving(^ω^)

So many Tomato anemonefishes in this spot, and we saw lots of other anemonefishes too(≧▽≦)

Let’s keep good buoyancy as we swim over the corals☆ nice dive☆

In Nagura bay we also saw lots of Seasnakes(;・∀・)
This small one was having a nap on top of the corals♪♪ We also saw a huge one swimming slowly over the bottom☆ For people that don’t like snakes it might have been a bit scary(;´・ω・)

Tomorrow we’re off for more fun dives♪ Looks like the north wind will be strong(;´・ω・)

Fun Dives and Snorkeling☆

The north wind won’t turn in Ishigaki island, but it has gotten a lot calmer so we could go to Manta point☆
But first we went to Osaki’s Anthias reef and relaxed among the corals(≧▽≦)

Looking down at the bottom from the boat It thought we would have awesome visibility♪♪ But it turned out to be as usual, still beautifully clear(/・ω・)/ It was probably clearer on the deeper parts♪

There shoud still be many Giant cuttlefishes in Osaki,I thought, but there weren’t there today(/ω\) and neither was our resident turtle(((゚Д゚;)// It was a big shock, but we saw many other interesting animals\(^o^)/ Like this big Yellow-edged moray eel.

Lots of small garden eels poked their heads up from the sandy bottom(^O^)

We also met this adult Anemone Clownfish♪♪

Our snorkeling team saw one Giant Cuttlefish in the distance! Lucky (≧▽≦)

For second dive we went out to Manta point, as soon as we descended a manta passed by☆ Great…(≧▽≦)

…I thought, but it soon swam away(T_T) At least our diving team saw one I thought as we continued the dive, however, as we went up on the boat again it turned out that everybody but me had seen a second Manta! It swam by as I was looking for them in the other direction(/ω\) But I’m happy because both our diver and snorkeler saw it☆

This last picture below is the top of a coral.

Tomorrow, it will be north wind again but it’s supposed to be weak so we can go out to Manta point\(^o^)/