Last Day of Open Water Course

Another hot day on Ishigaki island☆ Today was the last day of our Open Water Course! We enjoyed it to the fullest(≧▽≦)

Before diving, we did a buddy check for saftey♪♪ Then we went through lots of skills underwater again! They tried inflating a safety sausage and practiced the important skill of compass navigation (”ω”)ノ

After we finished the skills we went exploring♪ Today we saw lots of different fishes☆ I felt proud as I saw how much my divers had improved from yesterday(^ω^) Over the reef, a lionfish was drifting, beautiful but poisonous(-_-メ) It’s important to learn about the different kinds of fish too♪

Last dive of open water course at Manta Scramble!
Yesterday, we didn’t see a manta so today was last chance. We waited close to the cleaning station and a manta showed up. It was only passing by but we got a good look of it☆

☆Congratulations☆ to our newly certified divers(≧▽≦)
I hope you will get to see lots of different exciting places underwater!

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