New Open Water Divers Certified!

The north wind blows strong over Ishigaki island(;´・ω・) So we departed from Sakieda beach to our wintertime dive sites(≧▽≦)
Today was the last day of the Open water course! We’ve been practicing a lot and also had a lot of fun☆

Bouyancy looking good♪♪ Between practice we swam over the corals☆

Lots of small Blue-green Damselfishes(*^▽^*) We will visit this point a lot when winter comes, looking forward to it!

Last season, a big Bubble coral shrimp lived in this bubble coral but it’s not there anymore(;´・ω・) However, I’m looking forward to seeing this new little fellow many more times(;・∀・)

Congratulations to our students for completing the Open water course\(^o^)/
I hope you will enjoy many more dives from now on♪♪

Open Water Diver Course and Fun Dives

The north wind is getting stronger but the weather is still sunny and warm in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) Today was the second day of Open Water Course! It was hard but we made it♪♪ We also had two fun divers joining us for dives in Osaki and Nagura area☆ Corals were looking good(*^▽^*)

Blue corals in the shallow part of the reef☆

An unexpected visitor showed up♪ It’s not the season for the Giant cuttlefishes yet but, with a bit of luck, it’s possible to see them now too\(^o^)/

A Robust ghost pipefish mimicking a leaf☆

An Anemone shrimp♪

We also saw this tiny Anemone partner shrimp☆

Tomorrow we’re finishing the third and last day of the Open Water Course(≧▽≦)

End of May Open Water Course

Ishigaki still has rainy season weather, but we got some sun too during the Open Water Course(≧▽≦)
We had three students joining us from the Neatherlands♪♪ From the first day at the beach, they all did very well during the course☆

Great visibility in Yonehara(^o^)/ We stopped to take a group picture♪

Practicing compass skills(/・ω・)/

Unfortunatley, the manta rays didn’t want to show up for the course this time(;´・ω・)

But we met many other friendly sea creatures, like this Clown anemonefish♪

And a Banded seasnake swimming righ at us!(;^ω^)

3 new divers got certified today(≧▽≦) Congratulations!!! I hope they will enjoy many more dives from now on♪

Manta Rays on Open Water Course?!

The swell has gone down somewhat and a gentle breeze is blowing over Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)

However, the wind is changing to north and from tomorrow we cannot go out to Manta point(;´・ω・)

Today’s student leveled up her PADI scuba diver license to Open water diver! We did one dive in Osaki and one at Manta point☆☆

We descended slowly and did lots of skill practice! (≧▽≦) Of course, we also made time for exploring the reef♪♪

The visibility is back to normal♪ We also saw the Batfishes but it was a small school today(;・∀・)

There were also lots of tiny Nudibranchs! We can usually find many of them in this area during the winter(/・ω・)/

Today, we saw lots of Manta rays at Manta city, I believe there were 3 different individuals(^ω^)
“Let’s finish the compass skills and then rush off to the Mantas!” I thought. However, the Manta ended up coming to us\(^o^)/ You can see it approaching☆

It really swam up close!! Feeling grateful to this amazing ocean giant♪

We also saw many Green turtles, this one was having a break on top of the reef(*^▽^*)

After watching the Manta rays, we enjoyed diving the landscape side of this dive site!

From tomorrow, we will be diving in Osaki and Nagura area♪ It’s been a long time and I’m excited to dive there again(*^▽^*)

Last Day of Open Water Course☆ With Sharks!

The wind is slowly getting calmer in Ishigaki island♪

Today was the last day of the Open water course(≧▽≦) We did lots of skill practice and my student’s is getting more and more confident for every dive☆☆
Of course, it is important to practice but we also had plenty of time to explore the sea♪ We saw many colorful fishes, such as these Clown Anemonefishes(*^▽^*)

Lots of Sea goldies and Blue-green damselfishes swam in and out of the corals(^O^)

At Yonehara east, we found two small Whitetip reef sharks. Recently, they’ve been hiding in the same place every time(;^ω^) I hope they will continue to stay here as they grow up… but by then they won’t fit in this small hole anymore(;・∀・)

No Manta rays at Manta scramble today((+_+)) I was trusting they would show up.. but then again, I always do(;´・ω・)
Of course, we also did skill practice at Manta Scramble.

Our Fun diving team saw a Spotted eagle ray\(^o^)/ I envy them♪♪♪

From now on the sea will continue to calm down☆ and soon the rainy season will end☆ Finally, the true summer will come♪♪