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The calm before the storm in Ishigaki island(;・∀・)
Today was the last day of the open water course! Upon request, we went to see the green sea turtles again♪♪ One of them came very close!

We couldn’t only play of course( ・`д・´) Lots of skills left to complete the course☆ Compass navigation in action below\(^o^)/

Lots of fishes gathered around this litte anemone in the sand♪The resident anemonefishes were all very small, I hope they can keep together in this small place(;^ω^)

Some small squat shrimps were also residing by the little anemone♡ They shake their little tails when they walk and sadly some fishes were snapping at them(-_-メ)

A scorpionfish☆

Open water course finished(≧▽≦) I hope they will have lots of more fun dives☆

This evening, the storm will come! It will not last very long but the north wind continues to blow strong(;^ω^)