Open Water Course, First Day on the Boat☆

From today we’re doing the Open water dives part of the Open water course☆☆

Our beginner divers are two students from Switzerland♪ They already finished confined part of the course at home☆ Saved them more time for fun here♪ It’s been a while since they practiced, so I thought we would go slow but they remember very well(≧▽≦) Maybe they reviewed before coming here (^ω^)

We went diving at Yonehara and Manta Scramble. Unfortunately, no mantas today(/ω\) I hope they will show up tomorrow!
The first 10min of diving we practiced different skills♪ There is a lot to remember, but we finished smoothly☆ Our students swam over the corals without touching them at all! good♪ very good♪♪

A Honey Combed moray poked its head out from inside a hole. It was right above us so we got a bit surprised(;^ω^)

We’ll continue the course tomorrow, there’s still a lot to do so let’s try our best\(^o^)/

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