Perfect weather! Fun Dives and Discover Scuba Dives in Ishigaki☆

The north wind is still very weak in Ishigaki island☆ But from tomorrow the waves will get higher, I hope diving will be ok(;^ω^)

Today we went to Manta city but no Mantas there this time(T_T) However, at Yamabare we saw Green turtles that were having a serious nap (≧▽≦)

In Yamabare we can find a lot of different Macro☆ This Cleaner shrimp was hiding in between the rocks♪♪ If a fish enters, this hard-working shrimp will clean the fish(^O^)

A Mosaic nudibranch♪ It has a strange geometric pattern (*’ω’*)

Our discover scuba diver got to meet the Orange Anemone fishes☆ She was very nervous before the dives, but soon calmed down and was swimming very well(^O^) Of course, we took many pictures☆

A big Anemone crab was also living inside this Anemone♪ If divers approach too quickly, this crab starts shuffling inside the Anemone and go into hiding (;´・ω・)

Harlequin Sweetlips☆

From tomorrow we’ll start an Advanced Open Water Course! It will be windy\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/

Manta circling round and round☆

A gentle south wind blows over Ishigaki island☆

Today we were off with a boat full of fun divers to Yamabare, Manta point and then Arakawa for 3rd dive! We saw many different landscapes☆

At Manta city, one manta was circling around the cleaning station(≧▽≦) It was swimming slowly and staid for most of the dive to both guests and divers delight(*^▽^*)

The Green turtles were sleeping a bit off their usual place today, this one has squeezed itself firmly in between the rocks for a siesta♪♪ It had a look that clearly said: “This is my spot and I won’t move” (;・∀・)

We also saw the Ornate ghost pipefishes☆All of them are still fairly small ☆

Today I also found this tiny Pipehorse, it was about 1cm in lengh(*^▽^*)

And also this small fellow(;^ω^)
Arakawa’s tunnel was filled with Glassfishes, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many of them♪♪

This Nudibranch was moving slowly over the sand, I could spot it easy with the bright red colors(;^ω^)

We saw everything from big Mantas to small Pipehorses today☆ Looking forward to another great day of diving tomorrow♪

Off to Manta point early in the morning!

♪The wind is blowing gently from the west and we had a little bit of swell in Ishigaki island today.

Because we haven’t had much luck with the Mantas the last few days we tried going there early in the morning (`・ω・´)
The ocean was glittering and underwater everything was lit beautifully♪♪ However, we waited and waited without any Manta rays showing up(/ω\)

So we tried another dive spot! Our faithful Green turtles♪♪ They do not disappoint(≧▽≦)

Today we saw three of them♪ In their usual spots sleeping lazily as always(*^▽^*)

Spotted garden eels poked their head up from the sandy soil♪ Today, there was a bit of a current and they swayed with it☆☆

We also saw many Ornate ghostpipe fishes☆☆ Around five of them I think, a festive decoration on the reef☆☆

Sea goldies♪♪ I see them almost every day, but that doesn’t stop them from being cute(*^▽^*)

This swim through is on the shallow part of the reef♪♪ It looks beautiful with the light coming from above☆

Today’s nudibranch was no stranger to us(;^ω^) This kind has been hanging around the same place everyday latley(;・∀・)

In Yonehara, the Anemone Partner shrimps are not as many this year. The type of coral they like has decreased, I hope they will come back\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)//

This little fellow we can still find a lot, it’s a Squat Shrimp♪♪
I’ll be praying for the Manta rays to come by tomorrow, we’ll go look for them again!
Looking forward to fun dives♪☆

Easy, Fun diving♪

The wind direction keeps changing, but it keeps being a gentle wind in Ishigaki island☆ Today we also had great conditions for diving♪♪

Unfortunately, the Manta rays didn’t agree with us and refused to show up((+_+)) I wonder where they are(/ω\)
Another dive shop has been seen chasing and touching them so maybe that’s why…(-_-メ)
Luckily this Hawksbill turtle showed up to the rescue☆☆ At least we could see something out of the ordinary(≧▽≦)

Inside a crack the Electric clam blinked back as we shone a light on it(*^▽^*)

We also saw many small shrimps, but today we also found this big Lobster(;^ω^)

This Anemone crab was also pretty big♪ Impressive claws!

I wonder which Nudibranch we see most often here, maybe this one below(;・∀・)

We also saw this one on the safety stop♪♪ It’s always an extra treat to find something during those three minutes(;^ω^)

Tomorrow we’re off fun diving in Ishigaki again♪

Green Turtles! Manta!! Fun Dives GOGOGO!!!

A north breeze is blowing over Ishigaki island, but it’s so weak we can depart from Kabira without any difficulty☆

Today we had a boat full of merry fun divers(≧▽≦) Underwater, the temperature was just right and we had some really good dives☆☆

Lot’s of small corals growing up at the dive site♪♪ I hope the water temperature won’t go up so much this year so that they can stay healthy(*^▽^*)

A Nudibranch♪

From the sandy soil those spotted garden eels were poking their heads up(≧▽≦)

On first dive, we saw two Green turtles having a siesta, on 2nd dive we saw a Manta at Manta city. It was circling round and round the whole dive(≧▽≦)

For the moment, no typhoon on the horizon and I’m looking forward to many days with gentle winds and sunny weather!