Good to Dive in Kabira again☆

A sunny clear day in Ishigaki today, but somewhere far away I think there is a north wind blowing causing swell here☆
Our boat is finally back in tip-top shape after maintenance and I was excited to go diving again(≧▽≦) Today we went fun diving in rock lake, manta point and Yonehara♪

Because of the swell, I wasn’t sure if we could dive the swim throughs at rock lake but we could enjoy the tunnels today too (^O^)

However, we had a lot of swell at Manta city (;・∀・) Luckily, we also had a Manta ray!
We waited a long time but finally, it showed up\(^o^)/ and it didn’t just pass through but circled round and round the cleaning station♪♪♪ After that, it passed very close to us as it went away, maybe to another cleaning station☆☆

Right after we descended in Yonehara, a pair of sharks were right under the boat♪ Their tails were sticking out as they were hiding in a coral crack(;^ω^) Two small Whitetip sharks♪♪ They looked like two siblings hiding☆

The reef’s own little dancing troup – the Durban dancing shrimps♪

We also spotted this nudibranch with neon red coloring☆

Tomorrow we’re also off fun diving☆ I’m looking forward to it, I hope the swell will go away until then.

Lots of Fun Diving☆

A south wind is blowing! It’s hot in Ishigaki!

Today’s divers were here on their honeymoon(≧▽≦) Happy times☆☆
For first dive we enjoyed the swim-throughs at Rock Lake♪♪ The south wind was pretty strong but at this point we can find shelter from it♪

At Manta point we finally got to see the Manta Rays again\(^o^)/ Unfortunately, they didn’t stay around(/ω\) They just passed by, and then came back one more time just to swim away again(;^ω^) But I’m super happy we got to see them☆☆

On the third dive we found a Green Turtle having an afternoon nap(*^▽^*)

Lots of small corals are growing up in Yamabare! Getting bigger and bigger! It makes me excited to see them grow up a little bit more every year☆

Tomorrow we’re off Fun diving again☆ However, the wind is changing((゚Д゚;) So we’ll have to move the boat again and enjoy the reefs around Sakieda instead♪

Big Manta Rays and Lots of Small Critters on Today’s Fun Dives

It’s the calm before the storm, but today we had perfect diving weather in Ishigaki island☆

We departed for Fun Diving☆ and the Manta Rays came to greet us at Manta point today(≧▽≦) They swam really close to our excited divers♪♪

There are many places where we can find Squat shrimps, but today they really posed for the picture(^O^)
If they had just moved their tails a liiiitle bit further apart it would have looked like a heart, but that was too much to ask I guess (;・∀・)

A Peacock mantis shrimps was running in and out of its hole☆ If we come to close, it will probably get angry (;^ω^)

A Longfin snake-eel stuck its head up from the otherwise empty sandy bottom(^O^)

The light was shining down the tunnel the whole time and it was magical swimming through\(^o^)/

We found lots of small critters and Nudibranch today☆ This teeny tiny one I found at Manta point, however, everybody else was looking around for the Manta rays so they missed it(゚Д゚;)

This Nudibranch has a funny geometrical pattern☆

A flat worm with neon blue side lines☆

From now on we’ll also see many of this type of Nudibranch in a lot of places(^O^)

Swim through Fun Dives☆

The wind in Ishigaki island has changed to north. We went out Fun Diving today again(≧▽≦) It’s been a long time since we visited Rock Lake last! In summertime, this tunnel is full of Glass fishes but for now it’s still pretty empty(;^ω^)

A small Flatworm(^O^) It sat still and looked like it was munching down on something…

A Nudibranch♪♪ I saw this one alst time we came here too(^O^) The colors are beautiful, I hope we get to see  it many times again(;^ω^)

Today we also went out to Manta point, the visibility was slightly lower than yesterday(/ω\) But the Mantas were there again, we saw two of them this time! They circled around the same rock back and forth and made it look like there was many many more of them(;・∀・)

Golden week has started(≧▽≦) Enjoy your vacation on Ishigaki☆☆

Diving at Yonehara, Manta Scramble and Rock Lake

We had a bit swell today, but could still depart from Kabira as usual with our divers☆ We went to southwest Yonehara for first dive♪ Lots of small fishes swam above the corals(≧▽≦)

A Lionfish also drifted above the coral sea♪

At Manta Scrambe, we had to wait so long((+_+)) But after 30 minutes wait at the cleaning station one Manta finally came(;^ω^)
It swam very close to our divers but passed the cleaning station((+_+)) While doing our safety stop we saw another manta♪ It was just passing by as well(;^ω^)

In the afternoon we went to Rock Lake\(^o^)/
The Ghost pipefish from the other day was there again, but it looked a bit trashed( ゚Д゚) Some other fish maybe nibbled on it…

In a crack of a rock, we found lots of Brown-banded pipefish.

At the end of the dive, we had a good time exploring the swim-throughs♪♪

Tomorrow we’ll depart for more Fun Dives(≧▽≦)