Did some discover scuba dives this morning before the sea got too rough!

The wind has suddenly gotten stronger again in Ishigaki, however, the sea was calmer than expected this morning(≧▽≦)
Today’s guest had been diving with us two times before♪ He swam very well☆ We even floated over the corals\(^o^)/

In Osaki, we met the resident green sea turtles♪

This one was very relaxed and we could take a photo together!

In Nagura, we enjoyed the coral garden(^O^)

Look at the red eyes against the green! It’s an anemone partner shrimp ♪

A young tomato anemonefish☆ The look so cute when young but will often protect their anemone aggressively when they get older(;^ω^)

Tomorrow we’re doing a refresher course♪ The wind is blowing strong outside… I hope tomorrow will also be calmer than expected(;^ω^)

Stormy above, calm below

Very strong north wind today in Ishigaki island(;・∀・) We went for discover scuba dives in Ishigaki’s Osaki and Nagura area☆

In Osaki, the visibility was less than usual but the Green sea turtles didn’t care and were sleeping on top of their usual rocks(`・ω・´) We also saw a Hawksbill sea turtleた☆ I didn’t manage to take a picture of it this time(;´・ω・)

A Banded seasnake with its head in the sand and tail up in the air… the water I meanww

We also swam by this deep blue flatworm!

The corals were also looking well!! They have been growing so much that I think they will reach all the way the surface when it’s low tide(≧▽≦)

Tomorrow, it will be a little bit less windy(;^ω^) I like it best underwater♪♪

Calm ocean Diving Ishigaki

Blue sky over Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) We went out for fun dives in Ishigaki’s Osaki and Nagura area☆
The visibility in Osaki was outstanding♪♪ We met lots of green sea turtles☆

And a giant cuttlefish! It’s still a bit early but I hope we will see many more of them soon(;^ω^)

So many different kinds of corals in just one photo( ̄▽ ̄)

A small palette surgeonfish☆

We also swam by this robust ghost pipefish(≧▽≦)

And a white-mouth moray eel♪

The wind will get stronger from tomorrow again(;´・ω・) But diving will still be good!♪

Fun Dives

The ocean around Ishigaki island is getting colder by the day(;・∀・)
But diving is good! We went for fun dives in Osaki and Nagura☆ The corals in Nagura are really something special♡

We found some Robust ghost pipefish♪

The sea turtles weren’t at their usual resting place(/ω\) Maybe too many people there recently so they escaped to somewhere deeper. However, we saw many other interesring marine animals! Below, a Whipcoral shrimp.

At least the shrimps aren’t moving around as much☆☆

Below, an Anemone partner shrimp.

Bubble coral shrimp(`・ω・´)

A flounder was hiding on the sand☆

We also swam across this good looking Batfish.

I think this winter will be quite cold in Ishigaki island, time to bring lots of warm water to pour inside the wetsuits!

So Many Nudibranch

Today, the wind blew northeast over Ishigaki island(;´・ω・) We departed from Sakieda beach and dived in Osaki and Nagura area☆ So many different marine critters and animals on today’s dives! (≧▽≦)
Below, a Nudibranch traveling over the sandy bottom☆

This nudi looks kind of tasty, don’t you think? We see it quite frequently but it doesn’t make it any less beautiful(*’ω’*)

This nudibranch was quite big, I only seen this species a few times(^O^)

If you keep your eyes open, you might be able to spot one of these Pipehorses♪ There are quite a few of them around♪

A Spotted garden eel(≧▽≦) Looking grumpy as always(;・∀・)

This year, there are a lot of Robust ghost pipefishes around(/・ω・)/ Their colors differ between individuals(^ω^)

Below, a pair of them chilling together♡

A Scorpionfish☆ This one was moving quickly over the bottom, something you often don’t see(;・∀・)

Of course, we also saw many kinds of reef fishes and soothed our mind swimming over the beautiful coral reefs♪

Looking forward to more dives in Ishigaki’s Osaki and Nagura area this winter!