Big Drama Among the Turtles

This morning it was rainy again but the sun soon came out♪♪ Moreover, it was 27°C (!!!) in Ishigaki today. Is it really winter? So warm☆
We went to look for turtles in Osaki! Today, we saw three Green turtles there\(^o^)/ Their usual resting place was empty when I went and looked, but soon two Green turtles came swimming after each other(;・∀・)

The big turtle couldn’t fit into a popular resting place between the rocks, so he got angry?! Looks like it(;・∀・)

After giving the smaller turtle an angry look, the bigger turtle swam away. Upset turtles can look a bit scary(;´・ω・)

After all the turtle drama, we went to see the Giant cuttlefishes☆ The visibility wasn’t the best but we could see the cuttlefishes clearly(≧▽≦) They only think about laying eggs right now(;^ω^)

We found a Pipehorse on the sandy bottom☆

A Bubble coral shrimp♪

We also saw lots of Banded seasnakes☆ This small one looks kind of cute(*’ω’*)

It looks like there will be some rainy days ahead according to the forecast, but the temperature will still be warm☆

Diving Among Blue Corals☆

A gentle east wind over Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) Early this morning, the rain fell heavily over the island but, as we made our way to the first dive site, the sky turned blue♪ So many healthy corals in Nagura bay♪ I forget all my troubles when I dive here (*’ω’*)

In Osaki, a turtle squeezed itself in between the corals(;・∀・) It looks very proud, doesn’t it? I wish I could tell it to stop breaking the corals (; ・`д・´)

A school of Sea goldies♪♪

This Dragon shrimp has found its branch☆ Just where I found it the last time, there dosen’t seem to be that many of them around at other places.

A tiny crab♪

A squat shrimp☆ Look at that tiny tail☆☆

More fun dives in Ishigaki tomorrow♪

Diving in Nagura Bay

Ishigaki’s sky was blue and the ocean flat when we departed this morning(≧▽≦) But as we got to the dive point the rain started to pour down(;´・ω・) However, there was luckily not much wind♪♪ Once underwater, everything was calm and clear♪
Below, a Batfish☆

The corals in Nagura bay are really spectacular( ̄▽ ̄) Lately, they have been growing up healthily☆

A small Crocodile fish sitting on a rock♪

A Lionfish spreading its find wide☆

Two Banded seasnakes were trying to get into the same hole(;^ω^)

We also saw the Giant cuttlefishes again☆ First, I couldn’t find them at all(/ω\) But on the way back ,five cuttlefishes were hovered in their usual area(/・ω・)/ I wonder where they were earlier…

A female laying eggs with a big male nearby making sure nobody else came close(; ・`д・´)

Many small critters were also out and about♪♪ Below, a bubble coral shrimp☆

A whip coral shrimp♪ For some reason all the shrimps today only had one claw(;・∀・)

We saw several Nudibranches\(^o^)/

Looking forward to diving in Ishigaki again tomorrow♪

Lots of Giant Cuttlefishes Today Again☆

Strong winds and rain pouring down over Ishigaki island this morning((+_+)) However, the diving was spectacular (≧▽≦)
In both Osaki and Nagura we saw Giant cuttlefishes☆ Four of them in Osaki! Some of them laying eggs☆
The picture below was taken in Nagura☆A male was guarding while the female laid her eggs(;・∀・)

Even as the egg laying was over, the male was still very tense(;^ω^) It tried to scary us♪♪

In Osaki we saw three Green turtles resting♪ A small one hid under a rock, but this big turtle was posing right out in the open(^O^)

The Pipehorses are still on the sandy bottom this year too♪ The small ones are the cutest(*^▽^*)

A big Sole☆ We can find them quite often, this one didn’t move at all(;^ω^)

A fierce looking Mantis shrimp♪ The vivid colors really stand out(≧▽≦)

A Banded sea-snake having a break, when they are resting their eyes turn white(´・ω・?) I wonder why…

The wind and rain was strong at the surface, but we could count on the reefs to be peaceful as always☆

Tomorrow, the weather should be a bit calmer. Looking forward to another day of diving☆

The Great Dance of the Giant Cuttlefishes

Today the wind was a gentle east in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) The sun was out and it felt unusually warm for the season♪♪
We went for dives in Osaki and Nagura area. In Nagura area, there was a big gathering of Giant cuttlefishes♪♪ It’s egg-laying season! The males fight fiercely over the females♪ There was so much action it was hard to know where to look(;・∀・)

Here is a cuttlefish laying its eggs inside the coral(^O^)

A very large male did his best to scare away the competition(;・∀・)

The turtles on the other hand were having their usual siesta☆ This turtle opened one eye halfway as I approached, it looked like we were disturbing(;^ω^)

Our guests were enthusiastic about getting a picture with the turtle☆ However, the turtle tried to hide even more behind the rock. We left soon and let it get back go sleep(´-ω-`)

The shallow corals look so beautiful when the light falls on \(^o^)/