Dives in Osaki☆ Lots of Marine Animals – from Turtles to Macros☆

A cool north wind blows over Ishigaki island☆

Today we departed from Sakieda beach♪♪ No matter the dive site, we can always find so many different marine animals here(≧▽≦)
A Stonefish had buried itself into the sand♪ This is still a small individual and it’s hiding very well(;・∀・)

This Scorpionfish doesn’t hide under the sand but the color alone is more than enough camouflage♪♪

We got to see a Nudibranch in the middle of laying its eggs\(^o^)/

A school of Batfishes were hanging out at their usual place, they don’t seem to move much(;^ω^)

Mr. Popular! A Clownfish, of course! It was making a silly face today again(`・ω・´)

The colorful and lively coral reefs☆

We saw lots of sleepy Green turtles today(≧▽≦) There was a bit swell underwater too so many turtles had squeezed themselves firmly under a rock(;^ω^)

The wind is supposed to calm down again from tomorrow afternoon☆

Great Weather for Discover Scuba Dives

A nice breeze over Ishigaki island today☆

Actually, I just caught a cold so equalizing was very hard today(/ω\) However, it was still nice to go diving once underwater(≧▽≦)
We went for discover scuba dives in Osaki and Nagura♪♪♪

Today’s divers swam very well\(^o^)/

A Green turtle relaxing on the reef, we saw three of them today(^O^)

We approached slowly not to disturb them(`・ω・´)

Coral garden in Nagura♪ It’s so beautiful here☆ It’s amazing we can see this fine corals even on the discover scuba dives♪

Time passed too quickly(;・∀・)

A Robust ghost pipefish was right out in the open(;^ω^)
It looks like a leaf and today’s divers found it very curious☆☆

The sea conditions will get even better tomorrow, however, I will stay home and get rid of this running nose(; ・`д・´)

Strong Wind but Underwater it’s Beautiful as Always☆

We went out in strong wind and heavy rain from Ishigaki island today(;・∀・)

Underwater, we met a lot of different marine animals(≧▽≦) These nudibranches were making a train♪♪♪

Nudibranch train Video↓↓↓

We can often find Robust ghost pipefishes in wintertime, but today we saw this Ornate ghostpipefish too☆☆

And here’s the Robust ghost pipefish\(^o^)/

A Stonefish, it’s hard to spot!(;・∀・)

It’s not season for Cuttlefishes yet, but sometimes we are lucky enough to see them anyway♪♪

A flatworm♪♪


And lots of corals(≧▽≦)

Tomorrow, the wind will be strong again but after that the weather should be calmer for a while☆

The Wind is Howling but Diving is Still Good☆

The north wind will continue to get stronger tomorrow in Ishigaki island(;´・ω・)
However, there are still good dive spots that are sheltered from the north wind☆

Underwater in Osaki we could still feel the waves motion a bit, but the Green turtles didn’t mind and were sleeping at their usual place(≧▽≦) Some of them had squeezed themselves between or under rocks to keep from swaying while others were out and about♪

Inside Nagura bay there are so many corals ♪ The Blue-green damselfishes were swimming in schools above the corals just to hide away quickly when approached(;^ω^)

New table corals are also coming up♪♪ The reefs has suffered some from the high water temperatures the last years, but now they are recovering slow and steady\(^o^)/

Everybody’s favorite Clown anemonefish♡ They tried to look tough as we approached, but to me it looked more like a cute dance♪♪

A pair of Robust ghost pipefish♪♪ Seeing them in two probably means they’re going to stay here, I hope we can find them again(;^ω^)

A Bubble coral shrimp☆ It lives on a beautiful coral(≧▽≦)

The wind is still very strong in Ishigaki island, I worry the water temperature will go down quickly(´-ω-`)
Winter is coming(;・∀・)

Fun Dives on Calm Ocean☆

The wind has died down in Ishigaki island and maybe we can move the boat back to Kabira soon♪♪

However, today the swell was still too high so we went diving in Osaki and Nagura(≧▽≦) In Osaki, we met the Green turtles☆ There was a lot of other divers there today, but this place had found a quiet corner in the deeper part of the reef(^O^)

This Stonefish was hiding under a rock♪♪

A moray stuck its head out from another rock☆ In Osaki, the White-mouth moray is the one we see most often♪♪

We also saw a Robust ghost pipefish☆☆

The corals in Nagura! There are not many places in the world where you can see them spread out like this

There’s also chance to see the shy Mandarin fishes in Nagura(`・ω・´) In daytime, they hide in the cracks between the corals and will hide away quickly if discovered(;・∀・)

Next week, it looks like we can move the boat back to Kabira\(^o^)/ Looking forward to it♪