Calm winds over Ishigaki island

The wind has taken a quick turn south and the sea was calm as we departed from Sakieda, Ishigaki today(≧▽≦)
We went for three dives in Osaki and Nagura area\(^o^)/

A Green turtle was taking a nap at his usual place ☆☆ We saw three of them today(^O^)

A shark was resting under a rock♪♪

White-ray shrimp gobies☆

A tiny Pipehorse clinging to a piece of straw(;^ω^)

We also saw many different shrimps☆ Theesa are both different kinds of Anemone shrimps♪

Below, a bubble coral shrimp.

And this tiny shrimp blended perfectly in with the sea fan(;^ω^)

The wind is turning from south to north and back again(;´・ω・) At least it’s not very strong for now(;^ω^)

Turtles! Corals! Amazing corals

A calm east wind over Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦)
We departed from Sakieda♪ to dive in Osaki and Nagura☆ In Osaki, the visibility was a bit bad(;´・ω・) but we saw many different animals on the dive☆ Below is a Green turtle! We saw four of them today☆ This one got some hitchhikers attached…(;^ω^)

Another one swam slowly over the reef♪♪

Lots of Giant cuttlefishes☆ This one is in the middle of laying her eggs(/・ω・)/

And this male is guarding her fiercly(;・∀・)

In Nagura bay, we saw many different corals☆ The visibility was also on top\(^o^)/

A small Pipehorse was clinging to a straw on the sandy bottom(;´・ω・)

And a… crab?(;・∀・) A fluffy little fellow☆

An Anemone shrimp with eggs♪

A Lionfish.

Tomorrow we have Discover scuba dives♪♪ Looking forward to introducing the underwater world!

Discover Scuba Dives on Ishigaki’s Coral Reefs☆ A Giant Nudibranch♪

The south wind is blowing strong over Ishigaki island(;´・ω・) We joined another dive boat for today’s discover scuba dives. The coral reefs of Nagura bay were both enchantingly beautiful and calm(≧▽≦)

N-san♪ She had some dive experience for before and got her buoyancy quickly \(^o^)/ we even floated smoothly over the coral reefs☆

A Spanish dancer(≧▽≦) This nudibranch species is very big, but I think this individual is the biggest I’ve seen!

We also met Seasnakes♪♪ There were almost too many of them(;^ω^)

A Lionfish was was chilling by a rock☆

We also saw many different Anemone fishes, below is a Tomato anemone fish.

This wind is really strong now(;´・ω・) I wish we could have calm seas everyday(;・∀・)

Relaxed Dives in Nagura Bay♪♪

A warm nice day in Ishigaki island☆
The north wind was very strong this morning so we had to move the boat over to Sakieda in a rush(;´・ω・)
But after that the divings in Nagura were very relaxing♪

The Giant cuttlefishes were laying eggs☆

This Anemone shrimp was all alone in his little coral(;・∀・) Maybe the others were hiding under…

A tiny Arrow shrimp(*’ω’*)

This big Lionfish was chilling by a rock(`・ω・´)

These Clown anemonefishes looked a bit sueezed by the Anemone(;^ω^)

Expecting strong winds tomorrow! Looking forward to discover scuba dives♪

☆Big Turtle ☆Small Critters and a ☆Manta Ray Swam By

A gentle north wind blew over Ishigaki island and Sakieda bay today(≧▽≦)
We went out for fun dives in Osaki area and Nagura bay♪♪
In Osaki, we met this big Green turtle who was having an afternoon nap(^O^)

As we were looking for turtles, a big Manta ray suddenly swam by\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/Lucky☆☆
But it was so quick I didn’t have time to white balance(/ω\)

We also saw lots of corals☆ There are a lot of different kinds around Nagura(;^ω^) The famous Blue corals are growing up fast♪

The below one is commonly called “Cabbage coral”(;・∀・)

The Staghorn corals are also looking well(≧▽≦)

We saw lots of other fishes too♪♪ This Pipehorse was standing straight up from the sand☆

Under a rock this Lion fish was having a rest. Below, a Scorpion fish.

We also found couple of nudibranch and a flatworm♪♪

The wind will turn to south tomorrow(;´・ω・) I guess we’re off to Kabira bay☆