Manta Rays on Open Water Course?!

The swell has gone down somewhat and a gentle breeze is blowing over Ishigaki island(≧▽≦)

However, the wind is changing to north and from tomorrow we cannot go out to Manta point(;´・ω・)

Today’s student leveled up her PADI scuba diver license to Open water diver! We did one dive in Osaki and one at Manta point☆☆

We descended slowly and did lots of skill practice! (≧▽≦) Of course, we also made time for exploring the reef♪♪

The visibility is back to normal♪ We also saw the Batfishes but it was a small school today(;・∀・)

There were also lots of tiny Nudibranchs! We can usually find many of them in this area during the winter(/・ω・)/

Today, we saw lots of Manta rays at Manta city, I believe there were 3 different individuals(^ω^)
“Let’s finish the compass skills and then rush off to the Mantas!” I thought. However, the Manta ended up coming to us\(^o^)/ You can see it approaching☆

It really swam up close!! Feeling grateful to this amazing ocean giant♪

We also saw many Green turtles, this one was having a break on top of the reef(*^▽^*)

After watching the Manta rays, we enjoyed diving the landscape side of this dive site!

From tomorrow, we will be diving in Osaki and Nagura area♪ It’s been a long time and I’m excited to dive there again(*^▽^*)

Last Day of Open Water Course☆ With Sharks!

The wind is slowly getting calmer in Ishigaki island♪

Today was the last day of the Open water course(≧▽≦) We did lots of skill practice and my student’s is getting more and more confident for every dive☆☆
Of course, it is important to practice but we also had plenty of time to explore the sea♪ We saw many colorful fishes, such as these Clown Anemonefishes(*^▽^*)

Lots of Sea goldies and Blue-green damselfishes swam in and out of the corals(^O^)

At Yonehara east, we found two small Whitetip reef sharks. Recently, they’ve been hiding in the same place every time(;^ω^) I hope they will continue to stay here as they grow up… but by then they won’t fit in this small hole anymore(;・∀・)

No Manta rays at Manta scramble today((+_+)) I was trusting they would show up.. but then again, I always do(;´・ω・)
Of course, we also did skill practice at Manta Scramble.

Our Fun diving team saw a Spotted eagle ray\(^o^)/ I envy them♪♪♪

From now on the sea will continue to calm down☆ and soon the rainy season will end☆ Finally, the true summer will come♪♪

Second day of Open Water Course & Fun Dives♪ With Turtles ☆

The south wind is strong in Ishigaki island. But we have good shelter from it in Kabira area☆

We started the boat diving part of the open water course today(≧▽≦)
Before entering the water, my students did a proper buddy check!

Underwater, we first did our skill practice before going for a swim♪♪
A Green turtle looked comfy napping under a rock(^O^)

Then, the turtle suddenly swam straight towards one of our divers(;・∀・) It was surprising and a little bit scary, maybe it was a bit confused after just waking up(;´・ω・)

At Manta scramble, we saw two Manta rays right under the boat after jumping in(*^▽^*)
Unfortunately, my Open water students didn’t see them (T_T)
I was hoping the Mantas would come back, but sadly they didn’t this time… I hope we can see them tomorrow!

Theese Orange Anemonefishes entertained us while we waited for the Mantas♪♪
It’s not the same, but at least they are cute to look at(;^ω^)

The wind will be strong tomorrow again, but I’m looking forward to finishing the course and more fun dives on the boat☆☆

Fun Dives and First Day of Open Water Course☆

The south wind is blowing strong in Ishigaki island, I wonder if it will calm down soon(;´・ω・)

From today, we’re starting a new Open Water Course☆ We did first skill practice on the beach this morning(≧▽≦) From tomorrow, we’ll go out with the boat♪♪ More fun awaits☆

Our fun diving team joined another boat and went out to Yonehara and Manta point\(^o^)/
They floated over the corals♪♪

And saw lots of different Anemonefishes, they always bring a smile to my face(*^▽^*)

The second dive was at Manta city! After a long wait, nothing(;´・ω・) Bad luck today(/ω\)
Maybe the ring-eyed hawkfish also waited for the mantas(;・∀・) I hope we’ll get revenge tomorrow!

The wind continues to blow strong, but looking forward to diving again!

Last Day of Open Water Course☆

The hot sunny weather continued today too, but it looks like we’re getting some rain this weekend in Ishigaki island!

Today we had our 3rd and last day of the open water course(≧▽≦) Our fun divers from yesterday all joined for another day out on the ocean too☆☆

At Manta Scramble, we saw two Manta rays circling round and round(^O^) One of them passed very close to us to our divers’ delight♪♪

Our open water student saw mantas two days in a row on the course (;・∀・) So lucky♪♪
He looks completely under their spell♪♪ Of course, we also finished all our skill practice\(^o^)/

Usually, we don’t see Robust ghost pipefishes in the summertime but this one appeared in Yonehara today♪ It’s one of my favorite marine animals♡

A bright red Tomato anemonefish. There are so many different kinds of them in Ishigaki, it’s the perfect place for Anemonefish lovers(^O^)

Inside the same anemone we also found lots of anemone shrimps living together♪

Today we also found cute Nudibranchs(≧▽≦)

I also took two videos today(≧▽≦)  This one from Manta scramble♪

And this one is of a Green turtle☆ At full speed to its favorite spot☆

The ocean was just warm enough and we had a fun day on the ocean♪
Congratulations to our newly certfied diver(≧▽≦) He really got so skilled in these few days♪
I hope he will get to go diving in a lot of fun places ☆☆