First Mantas then Diving in Osaki

We could go diving in Ishigaki island today☆ The wind has calmed down but the swell is still high.

After two typhoons following right after each other the sea has been more than a little restless(;^ω^)
The wind is currently blowing from east but it’s predicted to change to north, so we went to Manta point while we still had a chance!

Even underwater, we were rocking quite a bit with the swell but it was well worth id for the majestic Manta rays(≧▽≦

The manta was also struggling with the waves(;・∀・) But look at this collaboration♪
A Green turtle and a Manta! Both of them were fighting against the wave motion to avoid collision(*’ω’*)

After Manta point we drove around to Sakieda and did our 2nd dive in Nagura bay☆☆ The blue corals were growing up beautifully♪ They have survived high water temperatures and crown of thorns starfish attacks and are now on the way to recovery♪

I also found this gem glittering underwater… I’m not sure exactly what it is. Maybe a coral? It was very pretty(≧▽≦)

There were many Anemone partner shrimps♪ They move their bodies like in a little dance☆

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