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Blue sky and calm ocean♪ It’s been a while since we had a day like this in Ishigaki island (≧▽≦) We went diving at Osaki and Manta point☆

So much coral at manta point\(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/ they are growing like weeds! This dive site will be truly magnificent in a few years if this continues♪

This green sea turtle was resting like this on the reef, I wonder if turtles get neck pain(;・∀・) they look soft so maybe it’s ok? (;^ω^)

We took a photo together with another more relaxed turtle♪ So many green turtles on today’s dives(≧▽≦)

Of course, we also had to take a photo with the anemone fish♡

Swimming over the corals♪ these two discover scuba divers had very good buoyancy♪

An anemone partner shrimp♪♪They have their own little forest under the surface(*^▽^*)

A typhoon might come by next weekend, the forecast keeps changing but it dosen’t look good. Left the boat in Kabira in north wind so I guess I won’t be diving for a few days (/ω\)