A good day for diving

No rain and less wind in Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) Fun dives♡ Swimming around and over the coral gardens♪

Corals fighting for space(;・∀・)

This passage is very shallow but the landscape is spectacular☆

Inside a shallow swim-through♪

Lots of small fishes glittering in the light(*^▽^*)

A leafy scorpionfish.

Anemone partner shrimp♪

No manta today(-_-メ) but we did see a white tip reef shark(^O^)

Tomorrow we’re off for fun dives again!

Not as much waves as I thought

When looking at the forecast yesterday, I thought it would be much more wind and waves in Ishigaki but it wasn’t bad at all(≧▽≦) We went out with both certified and first time divers♪♪ Two dives at Yonehara and Manta point(*^▽^*)

Smooth decent♪then we took photos with the anemone fishes♪

A very good swimmer(≧▽≦) floating slowly over the corals♪

Lots of small fishes swimming around the bommie☆ I could watch them all day long

On top of another shallow bommie, schools of sea goldies were swimming♪

Corals at Manta scramble! They are growing so quickly here(;^ω^) … and no manta again today so let’s just enjoy the corals! It’s not really the same though(;´・ω・)

A flat worm.

A squat shrimp♪ shaking its little tail♡

A Sarasvati Anemone Shrimp☆

I hope the wind would calm down just a bit…(;・∀・) let’s hope!♪Looking forward to diving tomorrow again☆

Relaxing dives

Blue sky today! Or so I thought as we departed from Kabira beach, but of course it had to rain today too in Ishigaki(;・∀・) Luckily, it was all over after three minutes of intensive downpour♪♪ Underwater, we watched the many colors of fish and corals at the shallow parts of the reef♡

This rock formation is special to this dive site☆

Lots of juvenile bluestripe snappers were swimming around(;・∀・) I hope they grow up big and the schools of them will be wonderful to see!

The resident turtle of manta city☆ a green sea turtle(*^▽^*) The divers will swim over to have a look and they just continue sleeping♪

A lionfish spreading its fins☆

The red tomato anemonefish stands out even more against the white anemone.

A whip coral shrimp.

Tomorrow we’re off for both discover scuba dives and fun dives♪♪ The wind is picking up, I hope the forecast for calm sea tomorrow too holds(>_<)

So many fish hiding in the swim-throughs

The rainy then sunny weather from yesterday continues in Ishigaki island. Luckily, the sunny periods are much longer than the rainy (≧▽≦) Today we went to a landscape point and to Yonehara♪ So many fishes were glittering in the swim-throughs as the light shone down♪

Lots of corals at Yonehara♪ The small sea goldies and blue-green damsel fishes swam around looking happy despite that the water temperature has gone up(;^ω^)

Todays divers didn’t feel the least cold either\(^o^)/

A pipefish☆

We also found this frost nudibranch✨

Tomorrow we’re fun diving again☆ Where should we go… looking forward to dive!(*^▽^*)

A bit of rain and wind on a summer day

The clouds fly over the sky and the rain starts and then stops and then starts again in Ishigaki island(;・∀・) The rain showers are very, very local and fall over a small area at the time(;´・ω・) I’m happy we can escape to the beautiful world underwater☆

No mantas at manta point today again(/ω\) I’m not sure what to do…(-_-メ) luckily, the green sea turtles are usually around☆☆ resting on the soft corals♪

We enjoyed some landscape dives too!

A school of horse mackrel! Around this season we can see them chasing for food close to the surface.

An octopus was hiding inside a hole, it changed colors rapidly and that’s how I spotted it(;^ω^)

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a honeycomb moray. I don’t remember them looking so menacing(;・∀・)

Lots of anemone partner shrimps♪♪

Tomorrow we’re off fun diving again♡ The weather forecast looks similar… but it will be fun once we dive down(≧▽≦)