From south to north, the direction wind changed so quickly!

The south wind brought warm weather to Ishigaki island until this morning when it suddenly turned to a cold north (;´・ω・) It was a bit rough so we headed to Osaki area♪ No swell and visibility was good!(≧▽≦)

We saw a lot of green sea turtles☆ There were many I hadn’t seen before♪

A ball of snakes slithered around each other above the sandy bottom… mating? (;・∀・)

Anemone partner shrimp ☆

This pipefish was friendly and didn’t move at all♪

A flounder trying to hide in the sand(^O^)

A tiny sooth nudibranch, they are faster than they look(;・∀・)

A flatworm tried to cross the sandy bottom but it had a hard time tumbling around in the current(>_<)

The temperature suddenly went down a lot! Ishigaki island feels cold again, I hope it won’t be for too long.

The manta… puked?!

A south wind is blowing over Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) We went diving at Yonehara, Yamabare and Manta point☆
A manta was circling round and round the cleaning station♪

The manta was swimming close-by over me when it suddenly puked!!!(;・∀・) It was mostly a bunch of leaves, I wonder where and why it ate all of them. As the puke floated down around me, I also noticed small pieces of ropes in it which made me feel sad(;´・ω・)

We also saw lots of other critters(≧▽≦) Like this young green sea turtle, there was a total of three young turtles♪

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a pipehorse♡ Three of them were attached to a bunch of twigs and weeds at the bottom. Can you spot the second one in the background?


A blue-spotted stingray hid in the sand☆

The corals were also looking well~v( ̄▽ ̄)v

The south wind and warm weather will continue tomorrow☆

Yonehara fun dives

The wind blew more from south than I expected and we could go diving at Ishigaki island’s Yonehara and Manta point today again(≧▽≦)
Below, corals♪lovely corals♪♪

A clown anemonefish♪

Unfortunately, the manta rays didn’t show up today either. But a sea turtle was sleeping soundly with a big remora on its back(;^ω^)

Today, we met a white-mouth moray eel♪ When it opens its mouth the inside is so white! You almost cannot see all the teeth (;・∀・)

An anemone partner shrimp, there were so many of them on this little coral ♡


Yes, we know that Christmas was just a little over a month ago. But we couldn’t resist these cute Christmas tree worms(≧▽≦)

From tomorrow a north wind will blow over Ishigaki Island again, I hope it won’t be too cold(;´・ω・)

Fun dives in Kabira, Ishigaki

A gentle east wind blew over Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) We went out for fun dives with our repeater guest from the last two days and a couple fron New Zealand☆ We departed from Kabira and did three dives, first in Yonehara and then Manta scramble and Manta city! Sadly, the manta rays weren’t around at all today((+_+)) At least the corals and landscape was nice~(;^ω^)

Three sea turtles were resting on top of a coral bommie☆ Around this time of the year we don’t get many divers here so they can rest and relax(^O^)

A big scorpionfish♪

And a tiny one!

A honeycomb moray poked its head out from the rocks☆

Small whip coral shrimps climbing a whip coral♪

Tomorrow’s supposed to be a bit rainy in Ishigaki island again(;・∀・)

The ocean is calm again around Ishigaki Island

Calm sea, blue sky, maybe a little bit cold but otherwise great conditions for diving in Ishigaki right now(≧▽≦)
We saw many different types of marine animals and coral species♪

Lots of blue corals too☆

On the sandy bottom, a white-ray shrimp gobies♪ The were struggling a bit with the current today(;・∀・)

A black-ray shrimp goby☆

A flounder, I’ve never seen them smile(;^ω^)

A pair of pipefishes♪

A nudibranch♡ Amazing pattern and colors on this one\(^o^)/

A big lionfish was hiding under a rock☆

A depressed spider crab was sitting on a red sea fan (≧▽≦)

The weather is looking good, maybe we can depart from Kabira tomorrow!