Strong winds blowing over Ishigaki

Very busy weather in Ishigaki today! A little bit of rain, a little bit of sunshine and now and again a cloud flew by(;・∀・) Second day of diving with our guests from yesterday☆ The visibility in Osaki was good, although a bit less so in the shallower areas. It was still better and a lot calmer than Nagura (^-^;
The corals and small fish were all doing well☆

The famous Ishigaki blue corals in Nagura (*´▽`*)

Lots of robust ghost pipefish around now♪They move like leafs together with the waves♪

A young clown triggerfish☆

A brown banded pipefish♪

A frost nudibranch getting ready to… jump?

We also saw couple of other nudibranch☆

And shrimps of course! Below, a cleaner shrimp♪

The water temperature is still warm and comfortable, but with the strong north winds the surface interval felt a little bit chilly (;´・ω・) Once the wind turn back to south it will be hot again!

Relaxing with the turtles in Osaki

A north wind still blows over Ishigaki Island and the temperature has gone down (;・∀・) However, it’s still nice and warm when the sun is out♪♪ We went diving in Osaki area this morning☆ The shallow corals were magical to watch as the sun came out\(^o^)/

We got to meet the green sea turtles today again☆ They were very sleepy today again♪

Not so many divers today so the batfish were also very relaxed♪

On the sandy bottom we found a stick pipefish☆

A big ornate pipefish♪

A smiling banded sea snake♪

A very tiny nudibranch♡

Fun dives in Ishigaki tomorrow again♪The water temperature is still very comfortable and warm. I wonder when this north wind will stop.

Private dives

We started out with grey clouds over Ishigaki but the sun came out before the first dive(≧▽≦) We continued diving with our guest from yesterday♪ Below, a leafy scorpionfish.

The green sea turtles were at their usual place♡ the one below swam by slowly looking half asleep(;^ω^)

Nearby another turtle had squeezed itself between the rocks (;・∀・)

For the third dive we went to beautiful Nagura bay♪

The corals are overflowing with small fishes! It’s almost unsettling many (;・∀・)

We saw so many different marine animals! Below, a big flounder.

The garden eels poked their heads up and swayed after food in the soft current☆

A Durban dancing shrimp♡We found many different shrimps today♪

A tiny cleaner shrimp.

Below, a whip coral shrimp.

I wonder how long this north wind will last…

The corals in Osaki are doing well

A calm breeze from the north blew over Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) We went for three fun dives in Osaki and Nagura area☆
The corals are stunning (*´▽`*) The visibility was down a bit but it was still very beautiful!

The small fishes were enjoying the corals too, so many of them!!! (;・∀・)

The garden eels poked their heads up from the sandy bottom to feed☆

An Orange stripe shrimp goby♪

In the deeper parts of the site we also spotted this white-ray shrimp goby(*´▽`*)

A pair of robust ghostpipefish♡

A school of batfishす☆ We approached slowly and they didn’t swim away(≧▽≦)

It doesn’t matter how many times I see them, the pipefish always has such cute face(*´▽`*)

An anemone and an anemone shrimp♪This anemone has been here for a long time, sadly, right now it’s worrinly white(;´・ω・)

We saw lots of different marine animals today☆ Looking forward to another day of diving tomorrow!

Safe dives in Ishigaki

North autumn winds are blowing over Ishigaki. The mornings feels so cool (≧▽≦)
The water temperature is still high around 29°C so this might be the most comfy season in Ishigaki. We cannot go out to manta point right now but there are many other exciting dive sites♪

First time diving! Nervous on the surface but calm underwater, and a very good swimmer \(^o^)/

We saw many different marine animals and took photos together☆ The green sea turtles were sound asleep today again~~♡

Anemone fishes♪♪ From the very big to the very small, all living in the same anemone(`・ω・´)

Lots of sea goldies dashing in and out from the lady finger corals♪

A scorpionfish.

Cornet’s fish♪They surprise lots of beginner divers with their lengh and stealth(;^ω^) A whole school of them had gathered☆☆

Tomorrow, I’m off for fun dives! The wind has calmed down a lot but the swell is still high(´・ω・`)