Merry boat of Fun- and Discover Scuba Divers☆

Today we went out with two merry fun divers and one discover scuba diver to enjoy Ishigaki’s ocean(≧▽≦)

First-time divers are usually a bit nervous and today was no different, but as we got underwater she had lots of fun swimming around\(^o^)/
Below, a teeny, tiny anemonefish baby☆

As they grow up, they are still very cute♪ But they also get some visible teeth (;^ω^)

There seem to be a lot of Robust ghost pipefish around this year, some staff from another shop must have made a leaf “nest” for them because there were lots of leafs in one patch(;^ω^)

The Moorish idol is a popular fish because of its shape and color☆ It also got a character in the film Finding Nemo♪♪

Tomorrow, I have some other things to take care of so a day off from the ocean!
Looking forward to doing more discover scuba dives on the day after(≧▽≦)

Easy Going Fun Dives☆

We did another day of diving in Osaki area♪♪ Today’s divers had been to Ishigaki about two and a half years ago and decided to come back for more fun(≧▽≦)

It’s been a long time since I saw the Black-ray shrimp goby and the White ray shrimp goby(2nd picture)☆

There are lots of them around this year(^ω^) Or maybe they are making nest in places that are easily found, either way, I’m happy to see them☆

At anthias reef, we enjoyed swimming around the corals and all the small reef fishes then, suddenly, a White-mouth moray poked its head out of a whole.

There are also lots of garden eels around this year, I’m happy because they are popular among divers and now there’s a better chance of seeing them\(^o^)/

The finger corals are growing longer and longer, looking like a large ball♪♪

Our divers said they usually go diving once a year, thank you for coming with us this time!
Please, come see us more often☆ Next time I hope we can show you the Manta rays(”ω”)ノ


Fun Diving in Osaki☆

Today we went diving in Osaki area! An east wind is blowing, but the north side of the island still has high waves and swell((+_+))
Our divers visited Ishigaki last year around the same time♪♪  We welcomed them back to the island☆

Visibility was great and we had a good time swimming over the corals.

There are lots of different corals and it’s an amazing feeling to swim between the coral walls.

We have a spot where we usually can see many Batfishes, but there’s not many there now. I wonder if they will return as winter comes(?^ω^)

We also saw a Robust Ghostpipe fish again today♪♪It was swimming in the middle of nowhere☆ I wonder if it might have been moving places…

Tomorrow we’re off for more fun dives! Looking forward to it(≧▽≦)

First Time Diving in Sakieda this Autumn☆

Because of the strong north wind, we went diving in Sakieda today☆
We had two siblings on the boat and one of them did their first dive today(≧▽≦)

We went down underwater and soon had a fun time swimming around♪♪

We saw many different kinds of anemonefishes♪♪

In this season we can see Robust ghostpipefishes☆

The water temperature was high this year again, but the finger corals at Anthias reef looked healty♪♪

Tomorrow we’ll be off for more dives☆ I’m looking forward to re-visit different sites in Sakieda again☆

Discover Scuba Dives at Yonehara

Today we had a group of four Discover Scuba Divers from Hong Kong(≧▽≦)

A group picture underwater after a bit struggle with equilizing and nervousness♪♪
Unfortunatly, one diver couldn’t join us(/ω\) She got too seasick, I hope she will take try again another time☆

Two dives at Yonehara! First, we visited the different anemone fishes and took pictures with them as our divers got used to the underwater world! For second dive, they had gotten much too confident and we could swim over the coral field of Yonehara together(≧▽≦)

On top of a bommie lots of colorful Sea goldies swam around♪

From tomorrow we’ll be departing from Sakieda for diving(^ω^) We don’t know how long the north wind will keep blowing, it’s too early for winter to come now(;^ω^)