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The ocean was totally flat in Ishigaki island today☆
We went out with a team of certified divers, non-certified divers, snorkelers and a passenger. Everybody saw the Manta rays♪

But first, warm up in Yonehara coral garden(≧▽≦) So many colorful fishes☆

The coral field♪♪ Schools of Blue-green damsel fishes and Sea goldies\(^o^)/

Second point, Manta scramble☆
From the moment we went into the water until it was time to go up, we met so many Manta rays(≧▽≦) There was so many of them it was hard to know where to look(;・∀・)

Short Scuba video of the Manta here↓↓↓↓↓

Short Snorkeling video of the Manta!

And this is our boat seen from below the surface, the light and visibility was spectacular today☆

I hope we can have another day like this tomorrow!

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