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Today we went Discover Scuba Diving in Ishigaki’s Nagura Bay! The wind was blowing hard since morning, but the corals were beautiful and the visibility was excellent (≧▽≦)

After struggling with the waves at the surface, we went down to the calm world underwater♪

The blue-green Damsel fishes darted in and out of the corals as if they were playing hide and seek(^ω^)

The Clavelina Sea Squirt come in “Ultraman”(popular Japanese fiction character) colors ☆☆ It is hard to beliave that this is a marine animal (;・∀・)

We saw lots of different clownfishes and took pictures with them, our divers will have good memories to bring home (≧▽≦)

It will start snowing in Tokyo, we have it much warmer but looks like Ishigaki will also get a bit colder from next week^^;

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