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The ocean calmed down quickly after the storm\(^o^)/ A good day for diving in Ishigaki island☆
Today’s discover scuba diver came all the way from France♪♪ She had been diving five times already so she swam very well underwater from the start\(^o^)/

A baby anemone fish♪ So soothing for the heart♪

Photogenic red fancoral☆ Lots of small shrimps and crabs lives on it, it’s a fun treasure hunt(≧▽≦)

Lots of banded sea snakes can be found in Nagura bay, this charming one came up behind our diver(;^ω^) However, many people dislike snakes(/ω\)

All dive sites have many healthy beautiful corals♪♪

I hope the wind will continue to be gentle from now on…\(^o^)/

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