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Northeast wind today in Ishigaki island, it feels like winter is on its way(;^ω^) The water temperature is still a comfortable 26°C☆ Today, we had a group of beginner divers on the boat(≧▽≦)

It was everybody’s first time diving, a bit unstable at first but then everybody swam very well☆

At the shallow part of the dive site, the sea goldies were swimming in and out of the corals(/・ω・)/

We took a photo together☆ All three divers were breathing at the same pace in this one!♪

A big Sea turtle(≧▽≦) It was very relaxed and kept rubbing its shell against the rock to clean it☆

We could get very close to the turtle☆ Big excitement! (*’ω’*)

There are three different kinds of sea snakes in Ishigaki, the most common one is the Banded sea snake(;・∀・) It’s beautiful but not popular with everyone(;^ω^)

Both the air and water temperature are still really pleasant in Ishigaki☆☆ I want it to stay like this all winter, but that’s probably not going to happen(;・∀・)