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A west wind is blowing over Ishigaki island and we had a little bit of swell today☆

We went diving in Yonehara, Manta point and Arakawa(≧▽≦)
As we circled around the corals, we had many exciting encounters☆ Like this Nudibranch♪ It’s colors really stand out underwater,  maybe it’s signaling that it’s poisonous (;・∀・)A tiny Bubble coral shrimp had found a home in this spot\(^o^)/

And here is an Anemone shrimp☆ This individual was quite big, we can find them in the middle of the Anemones sometimes (*^▽^*)

I was looking inside a rock when I noticed this Lionfish right above my head, too close!(;・∀・)

At the landscape dive point the tunnel was full of small fishes! Schools of Glass fish!  They looked magical as the light fell in from the roof, but there was also lots of Sea snakes inside. Our divers were a bit scared of them so we turned around and swam out (;^ω^)

The weather is excellent, the corals are beautiful and there are so many fishes swimming everywhere… but why are the Manta rays not showing up?((+_+)) I wonder where they are(;´・ω・)

Tomorrow, we’re off Fun diving in Kabira again!

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