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A nice breeze over Ishigaki island today☆

Actually, I just caught a cold so equalizing was very hard today(/ω\) However, it was still nice to go diving once underwater(≧▽≦)
We went for discover scuba dives in Osaki and Nagura♪♪♪

Today’s divers swam very well\(^o^)/

A Green turtle relaxing on the reef, we saw three of them today(^O^)

We approached slowly not to disturb them(`・ω・´)

Coral garden in Nagura♪ It’s so beautiful here☆ It’s amazing we can see this fine corals even on the discover scuba dives♪

Time passed too quickly(;・∀・)

A Robust ghost pipefish was right out in the open(;^ω^)
It looks like a leaf and today’s divers found it very curious☆☆

The sea conditions will get even better tomorrow, however, I will stay home and get rid of this running nose(; ・`д・´)

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