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It’s still hot like summer in Ishigaki(≧▽≦) Today we went out diving with a group of discover scuba divers☆ Before going “under the sea♪” we went through all the equipment properly.

Slow decent♪♪Some divers struggled with equalizing but everyone finally went diving togheter☆

The visibility wasn’t the best in this picture but we saw many fishes and happy faces☆Group picture♪

Schools of Sea goldies\(^o^)/ It’s magical just watching the schools of them swim around

Everybody swam very well, a Banded seasnake photobombed this picture(;^ω^) It soon swam away as the divers approached(;・∀・)

Tomorrow I’m off for fun dives♪♪ The wind is changing again, maybe we’ll move the boat over to Kabira(`・ω・´)

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