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A mild south wind is blowing over Ishigaki at the end of the year☀️ Today is last dives for this year at VikingScuba Kabira♪ We had such a great year and met lots of amazing people and saw so many different marine animals✨We went for introduction dives in Osaki area♪ But first, briefing onboard♪✨

After getting over the first nervousness and strange feeling of being underwater, they both dived very well✨

We took photos with the anemone fish too♪

A green sea turtle was resting on the reef♪

Here’s another one resting and we took a photo together〜〜☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

The 2nd dive was much more relaxed and their buoyancy improved so much✨

Below, shallow corals in Osaki♪ So many colorful reef fish swimming among them✨

See you in 2024! Happy New Year Everyone✨🎍✨