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Almost no wind at all over Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) We went out for Discover scuba dives, first dive at Osaki and then around the cape to Manta point☆☆
Today’s first time divers were very good swimmers underwater once they got over their nervosity \(^o^)/

There were many divers around Osaki today but we got to see a cuttlefish anyway☆

We also admired the corals and all the small fishes swimming in and around them♪Our divers were surprised to see so many fishes everywhere(*’ω’*)

Second dive at Manta point! Today we hit the jackpot at Manta Scramble♪♪♪ As soon as we went in, we saw the manta rays circling one of the cleaning stations(/・ω・)/ And not only one, we saw many of them!

In total, there was four of them circling! Today’s guests were super lucky(`・ω・´)

We stayed still and got a really close look at their dance♪♪

Tomorrow, the wind will continue to be calm but maybe a bit more cloudy(;´・ω・) Looking forward to depart from Kabira bay again(≧▽≦)

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