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I wonder where yesterday’s sunny weather went! The wind has changed to north on Ishigaki, but the island is still warm☆

Today, we went out for discover scuba diving in Osaki(≧▽≦) Even with no previous experience, our diver was very comfortable in the water\(^o^)/

There was a bit swell but the visibility was still nice and we had some good dives☆☆ The corals in the shallow parts of the reef are still looking well and we swam around them with all the fishes♪♪

A Green turtle was there to greet us☆

It was very relaxed and we approached it slowly and got this picture together(^O^)

A Clown anemonefish♪♪ This one looked kind of goofy from the front(;´・ω・) Still cute though!☆

Winter season is coming to Ishigaki and it will continue to get colder until springtime.

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