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It’s a cloudy sky but Ishigaki island is warm and the breeze is gentle☆
This blog is for both today and yesterday’s dives( ̄▽ ̄) Yesterday, we went for fun dives and today we had a group of Discover scuba divers☆ Both of them got to meet our big sleepy turtle on their dives(≧▽≦)

We approached slowly and got a picture together♪ This turtle sure takes his naps seriously(;・∀・)

In Osaki, we swam among the coral reefs♪

In Nagura, there are so many different kinds of corals(*’ω’*) On this rock, so many different kinds are growing together☆

Around this time of the year, we often see Giant cuttlefishes swimming around but this little fellow below was sitting very still. Our divers weren’t very impressed with its camouflage skills and said it looked kind of disgusting (;・∀・)

We didn’t get any manta rays but we saw many other wonderful marine animals☆ How when Golden week is over I hope it will be less crowded underwater(;^ω^)

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