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The south wind was blowing gently and it was very hot in Ishigaki island today☆☆
In Osaki, the turtles were having a siesta at their usual place♪♪ Two of them were sleeping close by eachother\(^o^)/

We approached very slowly, but one of them got scared and swam away(;・∀・)

A big Stonefish was hiding in the crack of a rock!

Today’s beginner divers swam very wel♪We took a photo together with the Anemonefishes☆

Lots of Sea goldies were swimming in the shallows☆

A young Lionfish♪ Its long fins fluttered around with the current(*’ω’*)

We can often see this nudibranch around here

The wind keeps turning from north to south and back again… has the rainy season started already?

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