Lots of Mantas on Today’s Dives♪

Another day with calm sea and excellent weather in Ishigaki☆

First dive at Arakawa Rock Lake!
As we descended a very big Napoleon fish came to greet us♪ I got surprised because it appeared so suddenly(;^ω^)
Inside the swim-throughs, all the fishes were gone ((+_+)) The typhoon must have swept them away to somewhere else. But even without the glassfishes, the swim-throughs are still exciting and the dive passed quickly as we explored them(≧▽≦)

For 2nd and 3rd dive we went to Manta point. First Manta Scramble and then Manta City♪♪♪

At scramble, a Marble ray passed us by on the way to the cleaning stations☆ Its tail was gone so it looked like a UFO (round disc) as it was swimming(;^ω^)
This is a good sign♪♪ I thought and as we came to the cleaning station a manta was circling above it(≧▽≦)
It was there for the about 20min, coming and going back and forth☆

After we had lunch, we went to Manta City. We had to wait around 20min before the manta appeared to our delight\(^o^)/
It swam very close to us and circled round and round the cleaning station so our divers got a good look at it♪♪

Looking forward to more great diving days like this☆

Three Fun Dives☆

We finally have calm seas again after the typhoon.
At Yonehara coral garden we swam over the corals and enjoyed watching all the bustling reef life(≧▽≦)

Today we only saw one manta passing by at Manta point, I wish it had stayed longer(/ω\) I didn’t even get a picture…

Two green sea turtles were sleeping at Yamabare☆ This point was hit hard by the typhoon, the turtles must have gone somewhere else for shelter. It looked like they were peacefully napping after a long week♪♪

We also found lots of shrimps and crabs today☆☆ A pair of orangutang crabs were hiding inside a coral♪ I wonder if they will stay there together since they found a partner(;^ω^)

Our resident squat shrimps were also there♪ I think there’s more and more of them… good(^ω^)
The whip coral shrimps are the ones I mostly miss after this typhoon. Before, I could find so many of them on one whip coral but now there isn’t a single one left((+_+))

Today’s divers will be coming tomorrow again, looking forward to taking them diving at new places!

Finally Back in Yonehara, Diving After the Typhoon

The waves are still high but finally we could go diving again(≧▽≦) The landscape changes somewhat after a typhoon, and fish and other marine life also moves around.

Today, we went for three dives in Yonehara area♪♪♪
At some places, we had a surge and at others a gentle rocking that made some of our divers a little bit seasick.

On the first dive, we found a Blue-ringed octopus☆ It is deadly poisonous, but it is beautiful with its striking blue rings! One of our divers discovered it☆ This picture is also thanks to her(;^ω^)

Our Leafy Scorpionfish is still in the same spot as before the typhoon. Rocking back and forth with the waves☆

We also found many different nudibranch and shrimps. Once the sea calm down, we should see more fishes again\(^o^)/ After the typhoon, many fishes have disappeared from where they used to be((+_+))

Tomorrow, I hope we’ll have more calm sea condition! I wonder if we can go to Manta point.
The water temperature has gone down only 1°C and it’s still a hot 30°C underwater. I hope it won’t go up further again(^ω^)

Discover Scuba Dives with Lots of Strange Fishes☆

Today’s guest from Hong Kong did his first dives with us today☆
We went to Yonehara and Manta Scramble, but no mantas today (-_-メ) for this time of the year, very unlucky( ゚Д゚)

So today we enjoyed looking at various mysterious small fishes♪♪♪
Also, we took lots of pictures with anemone fishes☆

A small Robust Ghostpipefish swayed back and forth, when I see this fish I feel that the summer is starting to end… Many divers pass this spot, so I don’t think it will stay here((+_+)) also, it will probably move as the typhoon comes(;^ω^)

A leafy scorpionfish was sitting just under a rock, hard to find it here. Under the boat, a Yellow-edged Moray poked its head out☆

At manta scramble, a crococodile fish was taking a break on top of a soft coral♪ I took a picture of it using fish-eye mode today(^ω^) This fish doesn’t move much so I had time to take many different pictures of it.

Tomorrow, we’ll prepare the shop for the coming typhoon!

Off We Go with a Merry Group of Divers☆

Today we had fun divers from Netherlands, Spain and Hong Kong on the boat(≧▽≦)

Recently we’ve been seeing mantas everyday♪♪ This time, it didn’t circle around but it swam very, very close to our divers so they got a really good look and were very happy☆

At Yonehara we enjoyed the coral garden and all the small reef fishes\(^o^)/

For 3rd dive we went to Yamabare♪ The garden eels poked their heads up from the sand, to get a picture of them you have to approach reeeeeaally slowly and carefully♪♪
An orangutang crab was hiding inside a coral♪ I wished it would get out just a little bit, but it didn’t want to. It is a really fluffy little krab (^ω^)

We had already seen many interesting things on our dives when we found the sleeping green sea turtle(≧▽≦) For this picture, I also approached very carefully so I wouldn’t disturb it!

Tomorrow we’re off for discover scuba dives♪ Looking forward to it!