New Diver Certified☆ Last Day of Open Water Course

Today, we finished the Open Water Course! The sea was flat like a mirror(≧▽≦)

After the skill briefing on the boat, we got underwater♪ This day Anna (me!) was out fun diving with us and took lots of pictures☆ Is this the first picture of Toyo on the blog?… no, I think I might have uploaded some before(;^ω^)

Our student has really improved his buoyancy in these few days☆
Today, we went looking for macro (small marine life). A lot of divers love them ( *´艸`) and I hope our student also will get interested in the small macro♪♪

We went diving at Manta Scramble for our second dive, but no mantas showed up (/ω\)
I was really hoping for them to come out on this last day…

But, we finished the course! And we got a new certified diver (≧▽≦)
I hope he can come visit again for more diving!!

Open Water Course Day 2

Continuing Open Water Course from yesterday♪♪ First boat dives(≧▽≦)

After practicing the skills from the confined water dives we did yesterday, we went off to explore the ocean☆
All the skills were done smoothly\(^o^)/ so we had a lot of time for swimming around♪

Buoyancy was also good, so we took the course over the corals like we do with certified divers (;^ω^)
We saw lots of marine life, such as a tiny scorpion fish, clown fishes and much more! Time passed quickly.

Tomorrow is the last day of the course! Looking forward to practice lots of skills again(≧▽≦)

Family of Discover Scuba Divers

The water temperature is getting dangerously high this year again(/ω\) I hope it will go down…

Today, we had a family of divers from Belgium(≧▽≦) They were very good divers and swam around a lot by themselves☆☆
Unfortunately, we didn’t see any mantas today(/ω\) Maybe we had bad timing.

Tomorrow, we’ll go out Fun Diving♪ I wonder if the mantas will be there…

Enjoy Discover Scuba Diving in Kabira♪

Today, we had two discover scuba divers from Hong Kong! It was another day with flat sea♪ and no wind (≧▽≦)

It wasn’t the first time diving for our guests so the first dive went smooth♪♪ We even tried a backroll entry\(^o^)/
Underwater, they shot lots of movies of all the small fishes that swam above the corals with their Go-Pro camera☆ Also, took pictures with clown anemone fishes☆

Unfortunately, no mantas today, but we still had a good time diving☆

We’ll go for more discover scuba dives tomorrow!

Fun Diving with Mantas

Today we took a family of divers out on the boat☆☆
Today’s sites were Yonehara South and Manta Scramble♪

Beautiful corals at Yonehara(≧▽≦) Our blue-green damselfishes were as lively as always♪
We had such calm weather recently and the water temperature is up to 30°C, I’m getting a bit worried for the corals (;^ω^) I hope it doesn’t get as hot as last year again.

Just like a leaf on a tree, the leafy scorpionfish swayed in the current\(^o^)/ Today, we found a really tiny one!
Close to the surface, countless herrings were swimming frantically around in schools as they were being hunted by bigger fishes like tuna. Busy with their hunting, they sometimes get very close to our divers☆

At Manta Scramble, 3 mantas appeared(≧▽≦)
They didn’t stay on the cleaning stations today, but it’s a magnificent sight to just see them pass by☆☆
Because I had to make sure our divers saw them, I didn’t get time to take pictures of them today (/ω\)

Tomorrow we’re off for Discover Scuba Diving, I wonder what we will find underwater this time♪