Fun Dives and Snorkeling with Group of Friends♪

Today was also warm and sunny☆ Compared to yesterday, the wind had picked up a bit in Ishigaki island☆

We had a group of cheerful friends on the boat♪ I heard that they all worked in Hakuba during the winter(≧▽≦)

We did Fun dives and Snorkeling in Osaki and Manta point☆ We saw many Giant cuttle fishes and a Manta passed by\(^o^)/ It swam by really quickly but at least we got a quick look at it(;^ω^)
Because we departed from Osaki, we could see the Uganzaki lighthouse on the way again(;・∀・)

I’ve been posting lots of pictures with Mantas and Giant Cuttlefishes lately so today I will show something different! A Green turtle♪♪ It was taking a nap at the bottom(^O^)

A Banded Seasnake♪ This picture was taken by our Snorkeling theme(/・ω・)/ Seasnakes also come up to the surface for air sometimes(;^ω^) it can be a bit startling when they come close…

The visibility in Osaki was not as good as usual(/ω\) But both the corals and the reef fishes were still there looking as healthy as always☆

An Anemone Partner Shrimp lives inside a coral where our popular Clown Fishes also reside♪♪ Clown Anemone Fishes are cute, but I think this shrimp is too\(^o^)/

I wish the good weather could continue, but tomorrow it’s supposed to rain(゚Д゚;)

Fun dives in Osaki and Manta Point☆

The fine weather is back☆ Summery day on Ishigaki island☆

Today we went out with a boat full of merry Fun divers\(^o^)/

This dive site is the best in spring season! The Anthias reef in Osaki has so many Giant Cuttlefishes now(≧▽≦)
This cuttlefish didn’t have any rivals around him but looked very angry all by himself, I wonder what happened… (;・∀・)

We found lots of small critters like shrimps and nudibranch☆This is an Anemone Shrimp☆

We drove around the Uganzaki lighthouse on our way to Manta point(≧▽≦)

We had a similar experience with the Mantas as yesterday(;^ω^) They were there but passed by very quickly(/ω\) However, today they went back and forth several times so we could get a good look at them♪♪

A Manta swam very close to some of our divers☆

A Green turtle taking its afternoon nap♪♪ It looked very comfortable on the corals(^ω^)

Tomorrow we’re off fun diving again♪ We’ll also have a snorkeler with us☆

Fun Dives☆ We went Out on the Swell☆

There’s still a north wind blowing in Ishigaki island but it has gotten a lot weaker☆

We did fun dives in Nagura bay and Manta point today♪♪ At a site named “Batfish paradise” we saw lots of Batfishes(≧▽≦)

And also lots of other exciting things♪♪ Time passed so quickly(;^ω^) Brown banded pipefishes crawled on the edge of a rock♪ Many of them had gathered in the same place… but I wonder why(;・∀・)

A Leafy Scorpionfish swayed with the waves, as always sitting still waiting for it’s prey to swim by (;^ω^)

I found lots of small cleaner shrimps under a rock(≧▽≦) It crossed its pincers and shake its butt, almost like some kind of dance move (^O^)

Suddenly we came across an Octopus☆ It was quite shy but we got a glimpse of it…

For second dive we went to Manta point! Shortly after we jumped in a Manta swam by in high speed(≧▽≦)
However, it went off inte the blue and didn’t come back(/ω\) Still glad we got to see one\(^o^)/

I found this Red-spotted Nudibranch today again♪ It sat still curled up into a ball.

Another Nudibranch♪ This one was on the way somewhere(;・∀・)

Tomorrow we’re off fun diving again\(^o^)/
I hope we can go out to Manta point again, looking forward to it☆

Fun Dives and Discover Scuba Dives in Osaki

Even though it’s already April, we had maximum 21°C in Ishigaki today. Cold!

We went out to Osaki with fun divers and discover scuba divers(≧▽≦)

Our discover scuba divers were a bit scared at first, but once underwater we had a good dive☆ They had their own camera and took lots of pictures♪ The Giant Cuttlefishes were in good health this day too(/・ω・)/

This big male cuttlefish looked eager☆ He changed colors as he approached to intimidate his rivals(;^ω^)

A school of Cornetfishes had stopped to get themselves a good clean♪ Many divers like them♪♪

On top of the corals, schools of small Sea Goldies swam around♪ I could stay and just watch them all day(^O^)

Tomorrow, we’ll go out to Nagura and Osaki are again♪♪

Despite Rain and Wind – We Finished the Course♪♪

Today, there was supposed to be a triathlon in Ishigaki, but it got cancelled because of the strong rain and wind(T_T)

The wind was so strong(;・∀・) But we didn’t let that hinder us from going diving☆☆
After all, it was the last day of our Open Water Course\(^o^)/

A Scorpion fish! As we do a lot of skill practice on the sandy bottom during the course, we really have to take care to see where we sit down(;^ω^)

We found this Red-dot Nudibranch(≧▽≦) It’s so colorful♪
The skirt moved in waves as it made it’s way across the ocean floor☆

The corals in Osaki were looking fine(^O^) and we saw lots of Giant Cuttlefishes(/・ω・)/

A female cuttlefish♪ She was laying eggs in a coral crack☆

Close by, a big male♪ When other males drew near, he changed color to intimidate and chase them away(;・∀・)

That’s the end of our 3 day Open Water Course! We had a lot of fun and got to dive in many different places (≧▽≦)
Tomorrow, we are departing with a family of divers and snorkelers♪☆