New Open Water Divers Certified!

The north wind blows strong over Ishigaki island(;´・ω・) So we departed from Sakieda beach to our wintertime dive sites(≧▽≦)
Today was the last day of the Open water course! We’ve been practicing a lot and also had a lot of fun☆

Bouyancy looking good♪♪ Between practice we swam over the corals☆

Lots of small Blue-green Damselfishes(*^▽^*) We will visit this point a lot when winter comes, looking forward to it!

Last season, a big Bubble coral shrimp lived in this bubble coral but it’s not there anymore(;´・ω・) However, I’m looking forward to seeing this new little fellow many more times(;・∀・)

Congratulations to our students for completing the Open water course\(^o^)/
I hope you will enjoy many more dives from now on♪♪

Open Water Diver Course and Fun Dives

The north wind is getting stronger but the weather is still sunny and warm in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) Today was the second day of Open Water Course! It was hard but we made it♪♪ We also had two fun divers joining us for dives in Osaki and Nagura area☆ Corals were looking good(*^▽^*)

Blue corals in the shallow part of the reef☆

An unexpected visitor showed up♪ It’s not the season for the Giant cuttlefishes yet but, with a bit of luck, it’s possible to see them now too\(^o^)/

A Robust ghost pipefish mimicking a leaf☆

An Anemone shrimp♪

We also saw this tiny Anemone partner shrimp☆

Tomorrow we’re finishing the third and last day of the Open Water Course(≧▽≦)

Hello Osaki Area, it’s been a while!

The wind is still not too strong but it comes from the north to Ishigaki island(´-ω-`)I wonder if a typhoon will come or not, I hope not!(-_-メ) Today, we went out diving in Osaki area for the first time in a long while☆ The corals were very pretty and I’m happy to see that they are doing well(≧▽≦)

We saw lots of Green turtles♪♬

And on the sandy bottom, a Robust ghostpipefish☆

The Clown anemonefishes were also looking well, they’re very popular with beginner divers♪

I also found this Whipcoral shrimp☆ It was a shy one that kept hiding(;・∀・)

Tomorrow we’re starting an Open water diver course\(^o^)/

The Sea has Finally Started to Calm Down

There’s still some swell left around Ishigaki island but it’s a lot less than yesterday(≧▽≦) Today we went out with a boat full of fun divers☆
We saw many different kinds of corals underwater and enjoyed the landscape♪♪

A Hawksbill turtle, we don’t see them all that often☆

It was munching down a lot of soft corals(;・∀・)

We went to Manta point to, but no manta rays there this time(T_T) Usually, we see them much more often around this season.
Below, a Harlequin filefish♪

An anemone crab☆

And some squirt shrimps shaking their small tails(*^▽^*)

Looking at the weather forecast, it seems like the wind will turn to the north and a typhoon is coming on top of it. I hope it’s wrong(-_-メ)
At least, tomorrow we’re going out diving and I’m looking forward to seeing lots of interesting sea creatures☆

First Dives, Challenging​ but Fun

Another typhoon has formed, it doesn’t look big but its heading for Ishigaki island(゚Д゚;)
Today we had three discover scuba divers onboard☆ Everybody did their very first dives☆☆ and everybody managed to get underwater and dived smoothly(≧▽≦)

We first went to Yamabare to look for the turtles, but they weren’t there today(/ω\)

We saw lots of different fishes and took pictures with the Anemone fishes♪

For the second dive, we headed to Manta point… but no Manta rays today(;^ω^)

Tomorrow we’ll make preparations for the typhoon(;・∀・)