First Manta Ray this year

The weather has been really warm and sunny in Ishigaki Island the last few days(`・ω・´) As the sea was much calmer than expected, we could go out to Manta point today(≧▽≦) We did our first dives in Osaki and then drow around the cape to try our luck with the manta rays! I thought it would be more choppy, but it was quite a smooth ride there♪

A Manta ray appeared at the cleaning station where it circled around and around\(^o^)/ We could see it very close, later another one showed up!

A green sea turtle was also relaxing among the corals at manta point☆

So many corals! (≧▽≦)

We also saw many smaller critters, like this scorpionfish♪

And some Nudibranches (*^▽^*)

It looks like this good weather will last for a while(^O^)

First dives in 2020

Happy new year! 2020 has arrived and I hope it will be another year with many good dives!
The year got off to a good start, it was really warm and sunny in Ishigaki island today(≧▽≦) We did three dives in Osaki and Nagura area☆☆ This giant cuttlefish came to greet us\(^o^)/ I hope we will see many of them this spring as the mating season approaches.

A sleepy green sea turtle♪ There was so many turtles in Osaki today, most of them chilling on the rocks(^O^)

This whitetip reef shark was hiding under a coral bommie☆ I haven’t seen them at this site lately but today this one was back(`・ω・´) Hopefully, it will stay around for a while.

The corals in Nagura♡ So many different species in such a small area!

There were many robust ghost pipefishes around too. Below, two of them had formed a pair♪

This flatworm was crawling over the corals(≧▽≦) Then it fell down while we were watching(;・∀・)

A tiiiiiiny nudibranch(*^▽^*)

A blue spiny lobster juvenile♪♪

An anemone shrimp.

Anemone partner shrimps, many of them were busy cleaning other fishes(;^ω^)

Tomorrow, we’re off for more fun dives!!

Strong wind and heavy rain, luckily everything is well under the surface

Heavy rain poured down over Ishigaki island this morning and it was windy too! (;・∀・) We still went out diving, and it was the last dives of 2019☆ Osaki area was nice and calm so we did both dives there.
This year has been full of exciting meetings underwater, today, we met this big sea turtle(≧▽≦)

The coral reefs in Osaki♪♪ Lots of small fishes dashing in and out of the corals(≧▽≦)

Found lots of shrimps too♡ It’s been a while since I found a Dragon shrimp♪♪

A Mantis shrimp☆

On the swaying whip coral sat a couple of whip coral shrimps♪♪

Below, an anemone shrimp.

Of course, we also saw the squat shrimps wagging their little tails☆

Another year of spectacular diving in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) I’m looking forward to seeing what next year will bring☆

All I Want for Christmas is Manta Rays

It really feels like summer in Ishigaki island(≧▽≦) We went for three dives today☆ In the morning, we joined our friend’s boat for dives in Yonehara and at Manta point\(^o^)/ In the afternoon, we went diving in Osaki on the other side of the cape♪
The Manta rays were still in good form!!

Did I mention it was a very sunny day? (^O^)

In Osaki, we met the green sea turtles♪♪

It’s been a while since we got to float over the coral garden in Yonehara♪ So beautiful♡ I always look forward to diving here(*´▽`*)

At Manta scramble, we saw the manta rays! But also so many corals have been growing up.

This snake sliddered over the sand at Yonehara, there was quite a lot of them today☆ I think it has a cute face♪

What do you call a little shrimp on a whip coral? A whip coral shrimp♪♪

And below is an Anemone shrimp(;・∀・)

I hope we can have many more summery winter days like this, but I guess that might not be possible(;^ω^)

Last chance to see manta rays this year?!

We woke up to a sunny Ishigaki this morning(≧▽≦) With three discover scuba divers onboard we went diving at Osaki and Manta Scramble☆
The drive out to Manta scramble went smooth but, as we came up after the second dive, the wind had turned north and was picking up strength…
Below, a photo from the dive briefing this sunny morning(`・ω・´)

Two of three divers did their very first dives, they swam very well♪♪

On the first dive, the green sea turtles came to greet them☆ They always look too content on the rocks(≧▽≦)

We approached slowly and took a photo together(≧▽≦)

For second dive, off to Manta point! It might be the last chance to meet them this year I thought as we swam over to the cleaning station and there they were♪ One manta was circling the cleaning station the whole time☆ We saw a total of four different individuals(≧▽≦)

It was a very lucky day to go diving on♪w

The corals were also doing well I noticed as we swam over them☆

From tomorrow, the weather is supposed to start turning over to winter again(;´・ω・)