Lots of strange looking animals today

The hard winds from yesterday has calmed down and the sun broke through the clods in Ishigaki today☆
We went for one dive in Osaki and one dive in Nagura on today’s Fun Dives^^

First out of today’s strange sea creatures are these small shrimps(≧▽≦) They can be found on many of the dive sites, the one below is a Squat Shrimp♪

This is a Bubble Coral Shrimp♪ I’ve never seen one this big before!

A Feather Star Shrimp♪ It is very well camouflaged sitting in this Feather Star, but I wonder what happens in if suddenly change to another host with different color (;・∀・)

The corals in Nagura bay are looking well! I feel so relaxed every time I see them (*^▽^*)

A young Ribbon Eel fiercely opened it’s mouth wide as we approached it, despite being very small, it tried it’s best to scare us off (;^ω^)

A Stonefish had dug itself down in the sand as they usually do, the stingers on it’s back are very dangerous but this one looks like it could bite too (>_<)

The Banded Sea Snakes are in mating season♡ The males are doing their best to keep catch one of the females!

Tomorrow is Ishigaki Marathon! Our diver from today will also run in it (≧▽≦) Cheering on everybody tomorrow!

Fun Diving, Osaki calmer than expected☆

Today we went for Fun Dives in Osaki area♪

The wind has lessened and the sea was calm as we departed(≧▽≦)

We found a Robust Ghost Pipefish swaying like a leaf in the shallow part (;^ω^)

A tiny Nudibranch with a big display of colors☆

A Stonefish had buried itself in the sand, it’s easy to miss when hiding this expertly(;´・ω・)

The White-ray Shrimp gobies were lively as always, they share their holes with other gobies so I wonder how they get along in their small shared space(;^ω^)

This week the temperature won’t change much so looking forward to calm diving☆

Discover Scuba Dives in Nagura Bay☆

Today we went Discover Scuba Diving in Ishigaki’s Nagura Bay! The wind was blowing hard since morning, but the corals were beautiful and the visibility was excellent (≧▽≦)

After struggling with the waves at the surface, we went down to the calm world underwater♪

The blue-green Damsel fishes darted in and out of the corals as if they were playing hide and seek(^ω^)

The Clavelina Sea Squirt come in “Ultraman”(popular Japanese fiction character) colors ☆☆ It is hard to beliave that this is a marine animal (;・∀・)

We saw lots of different clownfishes and took pictures with them, our divers will have good memories to bring home (≧▽≦)

It will start snowing in Tokyo, we have it much warmer but looks like Ishigaki will also get a bit colder from next week^^;

Welcome Singapore Divers☆

Today we went diving with a group from Singapore♪♪

We went for two dives in Osaki and Nagura area☆ The day was warm and sunny, but the water was cold as always around this season (;・∀・)

On the first dive we found an Ornate pipefish, last time I went there were two adult ones but they couldn’t be found today. When the Ornate pipefish are young, it looks like they have tiny wings coming out from the middle of their body(≧▽≦)

In Nagura area, the corals were looking really healthy and beautiful! A magic feeling as we slowly swam over them (≧▽≦)

Many of the blue corals that were damaged during the bleaching event have gotten the color back as they heal with the cooler temperatures☆

On the edge of a rock a Brown Banded Pipefish was moving around busily♪ We see them quite often but it’s always a pleasure to meet them(*^▽^*)

Ishigaki’s winter has only just begun and I’m looking forward to all the special things we can see around this season.

New Open Water Diver Certified☆

Happy New Year!
Our first divers this year, our first Open Water Course this year(≧▽≦)
The weather was nice and sunny, a bit cold but otherwise excellent condtions♪♪

Bit nervous before the first back-roll entry(・∀・)

After struggling a bit with equalizing we practiced lots of skills before enjoying swimming around☆☆
We took selfie with Tomato anemonefishes (≧▽≦)

Compass navigation♪ Straight arm and good angle☆☆

On the last day of diving, they swam skillfully over the beautiful coral reefs\(^o^)/
I hope they will continue diving and learning a lot more from now on☆

This shell live inside corals. It doesn’t look very special at first glance, but the colors are stunning close-up☆

A clownfish dashing in and out of an anemone♪ Another year with lots of new fun encounters to come(≧▽≦)